Tom Taylor Teases Injustice Return

Hopefully it’s followed with a new game as well.


Tom Taylor’s injustice is so friggin good that all my personal preferences go right out the window.

Want to make Superman bad? ok…
Want to make Diana bad? ok…
Want to kill off all the characters I love? ok…
Want to make Supergirl look like Powergirl? ok…
Want to have infighting between the El cousins? ok…

He is some kind of sorcerer that can turn anything to gold. It’s a based on a video game title that beats everything else on the shelves. Lol.


No need for me to say anything you just said it. I totally agree with you.


Based on Netherrealm’s release schedule over the past few years, they’ve alternated between an Injustice game and a Mortal Kombat game every other year. It’s a little late in the year for a major announcement, but 2021 will be 2 years since MK11, so maybe this is a precursor to an Injustice 3 reveal! I know it’s not much to go off of, but I can dream


Man all this injustice stuff happening when finally get to reading the injustice comics on my list.:joy:

If it three of more comics (or even a movie) I’m down for it.

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I am very excited about this! I normally dislike “heroes going bad” comics, but I loved Injustice. :slight_smile:


I’m excited for anything else set in the Injustice-verse. Or anything by Tom Taylor. I can’t wait to see what this announcement actually is.

Plot twist


More teases but this time about the JSA!


Yes. The new comic is Injustice: Year Zero about the JSA.


THIS!!! This Right here!!! Makes MY DAY! :exploding_head:

yessss, i love the video games. i read the comics because of them, and was so surprised by how AMAZING they are. i need this :pray:

For whom it may concern:

First three issues are available.