Tom Taylor & Andy Kubert's "Batman: The Dark Knight" Mini-Series Debuts in April

A six-issue mini-series by Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert starting in April, will feature an older, more jaded Batman leaving Gotham City for Europe after a disaster strikes, and will apparently feature a new side-kick.

Frankly, they already had me at “Tom Taylor” and “Andy Kubert.”


Lots of good news for new releases

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Feeling Batman’d out lately (probably a side effect of Death Metal and MacFarlane all Batman toyline). I’m sure this will be great (I love Andy Kubert drawing anything for DC) but I’m gonna trade wait this one.

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With both the name and synopsis sounds like a spiritual adaptation of the Dark Knight Returns. Other than the going to Europe piece they all match. Obviously I am fine with that.

Yeah I’m down. Will be adding this.