Tom King's Mister Miracle

I love me some Mister Miracle. He’s my favorite Fourth World character and I always enjoy seeing him pop up in assorted media.

Fan of his that I am, I have not read his most recent series by Tom King. When it started, I was concentrated on Rebirth (and only Rebirth) titles, so I put it this title to the side to catch up with later.

With the trade coming out in a few weeks, I feel that time is fast approaching and am curious to hear what other folks who have read this series thought of it.


I loved this story! I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I’ve been trade-waiting this one. King’s Batman and Crisis books have impressed me greatly. And his Vision series for marvel was fantastic, which made me want to wait to read Mister Miracle all at once. So I’m excited for this trade.

@OldManJonah, I enjoy his DC work too. I did pick up the preview of Mister Miracle #1 and issue 7 since the Furies were on the cover and that was a good read.

I’m on the fence about whether to buy the trade in print or digital.

I look forward to picking it up sometime soon when it releases :grin:

I enjoyed issues 1 through 11greatly.

Issue 12 left me very puzzled and sad…