Tom King's BATMAN run

I’m wondering what the fan consensus is so far on Tom King’s latest story arc for Batman – “Knightmares”.

I found Issue 67 a disappointment. It was a 19-page chase scene. I don’t think it advanced the overall story one bit. I find the last few issues less than thrilling, but this could have been cut to a third of its length and accomplished the same thing with room for other things.

So what do you think – “Knightmares” – “yea” or “nay”? Issue #67 – good or bad?

I’ve overall liked King’s run, but yeah, this Knightmares arc is the most self-indulgent and unnecessary thing I’ve ever seen, it really feels like it’s just there to bloat up the amount of issues so King can make it to 100 issues.

If they had cut the amount is issues for this at the VERY least, it would be loads better.

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Tom King’s Batman run: Meh.


I am pleasantly surprised when it works, like Batman beating up Freeze in rage after Selina dumps him.

But far too often recently, it seems that King has no editor and he is overindulge d.

Maybe it should become a monthly.

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Not of fan of King’s run. Can’t wait for it to be over.


I’ve enjoyed the King run for the most part.

‘Knightmares’ feels more like a fill-in story-arc though, as though the powers that be asked him to insert an extra few issues to buy them time until Year of the Villain/Doomsday Clock/SomethingBig is over. Treading water.


Not the biggest fan of King’s run, but I actually liked issue 67. An issue shouldn’t have to progress another story to be good. If fact more issues should strive to stand on their own like 67 does.

67 was well paced, BEAUTIFULLY drawn, subtly examines Batman and Joker’s relationship, and acts as a follow up to the fantastic Batman/Elmer Fudd issue.

I actually dropped King’s run because it was over-sensationalized, many of the issues didn’t stand on their own, and I just don’t find his larger narrative very interesting or purposeful (contrary to what many might think). I picked up this issue because Lee Weeks is amazing. I’d still be buying King’s Batman if it were more like this issue.

King’s run has been hit and miss with more hits than misses. I like how many risks DC is letting him take. I did not like the most recent Flash tie in that messed up the pacing of the current arc. I’m also not really liking Heroes in Crisis. That said, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as I loved Vision, Mister Miracle, and the lead up to the wedding issue. Also, the arc after the wedding issue was terrific.

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I would have said the same thing


Personally prefer scott snyders run

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