Tom King Promises to Change the Dark Knight "For a Generation"


What’s Tom King going to do now!?


I like Tom King, I think his work on Grayson and Mister Miracle were phenomenal.

But why make the change in the last 15 issues? Whatever it is, wouldnt it have been better to do at the start of his run so he could show people the “change” in action?

If the next writer doesnt like it, hes gonna retcon it, making the big “change” useless.


I’ve got nothing against King, and “change” is not inherently good or bad, as a vague concept.
That said, certain changes made to DC characters over the years have ranged anywhere between “pointless” and “incredibly stupid.” I’d like to think King is making this change, whatever it is, based on genuinely, contemplative and creative thought, but whether or not he has, doesn’t mean I, as a big Bat-fan, am going to like it. Of course, me being “the reason comics are dying”, the fact that I might not like it based on actually thinking about it for more than five seconds will mean nothing.
I just don’t have a reason to feel anything other than annoyed, exhausted and wary at this news. DC track record for changes, smart vs. dumb, is not exactly in their favor. Sometimes, their smarter decisions only happen because they have to backtrack the stupid ones.


He’s gonna rotate the ears so they’re on the front and back instead of the sides


@biff_pow Of course! That way all of the criminals won’t mistake his silhouette for that of a unicorn when they’re looking at him from the side!


My guesses:
Batman will now fly.
He kills Damian and eats his heart.
Batman will become blind and have to use tech to ‘see’.
He prevents his parents from getting killed.


In reality I think Tom Kings just going to reveal something like “Batman is actually capable of love and has a sense of humor”. Which everybody already knows, but it seems Tom King thinks is a huge revelation based on the way he’s been writing him.


Most likely Bruce and Selina will get married – for real this time.

Also possible is that the Thomas Wayne Batman will stick around.


I think Bats is going to kill Bane. Or at least break Bane’s back.


Eh, if someone has to drive Batman to kill, then Joker makes more sense to me from a historical and long-reaching standpoint. Although seeing Jason’s reaction to Bats killing Bane because Dick became Ric and Selina ran away instead of Joker for killing him and paralyzing Barbara, might be worth it… in an elseworlds.

The big complaint is that Batman has been on a depressing down ward spiral for a while now. 75 is supposed to be rock bottom, so he has to move forward. Maybe he gives up being Batman or get revealed as Bruce Wayne to the world?


A re-introduction of Batman Incorporated would be keen. That was the best Batman idea in the last several years.


I would like to see Batman lose the Wayne fortune to see how he would operate without the crazy budget. Get back to the man doing human things. If writing Batman, I’d accompany this with a more down to Earth Batman who actually does things human can do. The, “I can beat up 20 thugs at once barehanded,” robs the stories of all tension for me, and that’s a pretty tame fear compared to recent God-tier Snyder Batman.

I think bringing him back to a marriage with Catwoman would be a good move that would change the Bat verse. Don’t know if they’ve been setting that up because I haven’t read Batman for the last year.

I also loved the idea of Batman Incorporated and hated the way that ended up amount to little more than a project to fight Talia. It didn’t feel like it got anywhere close to exploring all its potential.

A happier Batman would also be nice, but DC has been promising that for decades with no actual changes. I don’t want a super happy Bats, but one who wasn’t depressed all the time would be nice.

@darkknight Batman wasn’t unhappy all the time until Tom King started writing him


He lost his fortune, mansion,and I think Wayne Enterprises in Batman Eternal, but I’m not sure how he got it all back.
I wonder if DC knows how he got it all back.


Bruce has been broken down physically and now mentally and he has lost his money-so those wouldn’t be anything new. Having him actually kill a super baddie wouldn’t change how most people see him imho-plus Bane has been built up and become such a great villain I can’t see D.C. killing him off for real. Actually marrying Selina is the only thing I can think of–which would help bring back World’s Finest since we can have Superman/Batman, Jon Kent/Damien Wayne and Lois/Selina stories.


How far back do you have to go to see a Batman who you would describe as regularly happy? I’m thinking you have to go early 80s. They’ve been doing dark and brooding Batman for a long time.

@darkknights You’re right. He’s never been completely happy and his life is obviously full of pain, but even in those times he was rarely depicted as robotic, devoid of emotions, having no sense of humor, and incapable of live. Many stories over the past decades have had Batman crack jokes and fall in love. Tom King doesn’t seem to realize that that’s how it is, so it looks like he’s building up to those elements of Batman’s personality as some big reveal or character deconstruction. He doesn’t understand Batman, probably because he never read a Batman comic before he started writing. And that’s fine, not every writer needs to be super familiar with the other work done on that character, but you can’t do a #100+ issue without understanding the character. That’s just egotistical.


*100+ issue character deconstruction