Tom King “Nobody cares about a wedding dress.” Seriously, Tom?

I was just reading an article in the news Section from NYCC , Joelle Jones talking about her conversation with Tom King about the Bat/Cat wedding. She told Tom she was going to draw the wedding dress. Tom King’s. “ Ok. Nobody cares about a wedding dress.”

What isolated existence does he live in? Has he ever been to a wedding with a bride(s)? The dress is a major piece of discussion in certain circles. In some circumstances it is the focal point of the entire spectacle.

I’m not sure if it’s a lack of knowledge or a bit of an unintentional slam on still existing sexist stereotypes of who reads comics? Yes, the dress may not have been an important plot point. But, “Nobody cares about a wedding dress”. Really???

I can’t be the only one who finds this comment at a minimum, bizarre.


That is unfortunate…

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That is bizarre. I wonder if he just wasn’t thinking much about what he was saying? Still, that’s really weird.

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I’m a middle aged dude, and I care about the wedding dress. Everyone wants to see a wedding dress. Did he mean it as a joke?

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I didn’t care about the wedding dress, but I didn’t really care about this entire ratings stunt that I always knew they weren’t going to follow through with, so that’s not really a surprise.

I didn’t really care about the storyline.

I just found that Joelle’s anecdote of King’s response to be so bizarre.

Read the NYCC article in the news section. They way she describes it, I think he was 100% serious.

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He was probably too wrapped up in the story. I mean, overall, the dress didn’t really impact anything, it just looked nice. If thos were a real wedding, then yeah, that statement would be totally nanners. But in a comic… it’s still a little weird, but I get where he’s coming from.

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I’m a single guy who has no interest in getting married (right now at least), but to quote Luke Skywalker: “I care.”.

It’s Catwoman’s wedding dress. Everybody will care.

Maybe Mr. King was saying it sarcastically? Afterall, we don’t know what his inference may have been.


The interface was artist Joelle Jones.

“Inference” not “interface” :slight_smile:

I’d bet he was just being sarcastic over the thing. He knows it’s important.

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My wife watches Say Yes to the Dress quite a bit. There are a ton of people who care ( and spend way too much money on one IMO )

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I haven’t read the article, but maybe he just meant on the rest of the team? Like, sure, go ahead, none of the rest of us are gonna put thought into it.

Definitely not the first time King has said something that made me think “Huh…I don’t know about that…”

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If he’s a man, then he hates Say Yes to the Dress.

As for me, I love wedding dresses. Men can like wedding dresses, just not that show.

On word balloon he said she said (paraphrasing) I have to draw that, and he said okay, so I think this taken out of context…

I thought the dress looked pretty good and seeing how the wedding turned out anyway… it doesn’t really matter if she intended to wear a t-shirt does it?