Tom King being kicked off Batman

Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t want Tom king taken off Batman. Not until he at least finishes what he started.


I’m sure you’re not alone, but I definitely want him off the title as soon as possible. Another writer can probably just quickly wrap up the loose threads and we can put this whole thing in the past.


It couldn’t happen soon enough. And if Johns isn’t writing a forthcoming JSA book, give him The Batman.


I think that King’s run isn’t ending but rather that his run will end with another series. Kinda like how Jason Aaron’s Thor

You’re not alone. I also hate to see him being removed. King’s run may be slow-paced but the writing and arts are really poetic and beautiful. I would really like to see him complete his vision for Batman.


This is such a gigantic lose-lose situation for everyone (whether you liked King or Didnt).

If he doesnt get to properly finish telling his story then that is utterly the worst.

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I don’t want him kicked off!! I really want to finish his story the way he intended. If they reboot after, so be it. But I want to read what he had planned.

They shoulda let him finish… I’m both fairly mad and disappointed.

They should just let him finish why wait till now? Just let him tell his story

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I’m kinda relieved. With his whole changing something dramatic about the character. Rumors make him Bisexual or A killer or him being adopted those are a couple of the rumors and in my opinion their all awful, And the Fact he killed Wally West and made him a Murder for Shits and giggles doesn’t help.

@SMELIO55 His recent nightmares arc probably made sales drop to much for DC to ignore

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His book consistently sells almost 40k more than Superman with Bendis at the helm. If sales determine who writes a book, then Bendis should have been canned after 5 issues.
It’s insane that people are up in arms that a character who has been unchanged for the better part of 80 years might actually get more depth than “my parents died so I War on crime”.
Shame on all fans/DC editorial/Warner Bros/AT&T for taking a critically acclaimed and highly celebrated writer, that is in the midst of a fantastic story and pulling him (or wanting him pulled). It’s even worse if they want the status quo of “go fight Joker” to be the reason.

@vvillani Batman always sells way more than Superman. Just because it’s selling higher than another series doesn’t mean it’s selling enough. Especially when that series is almost always DC’s biggest selling title.

Also, you assume that this story is fantastic. If it is, then why are so many people deciding to drop it?

One story arc had LOWER sales and people are dropping it is the claim? What book sells more than Batman that justifies the claim that his numbers are slumping? It’s their highest selling non event or mini series book.
Sells more than Action, Detective, and Superman. For months I had to see the “Bendis is coming” tags in comics and those sales are slumping less than 10 issues in. what book that is over 70 issues in with the same creative team sells consistently this volume?
Book sales are high because of the writer and the story. One off arc doesn’t equate to sliding numbers.

@vvillani I don’t think it’s just the nightmare arc. I think it’s been dropping throughout its entire run. Especially since the wedding. I just think that the nightmare arc was the straw that broke that camel’s back. The book was already selling less than expected and the many of those who stuck around decided to drop the book.

Currently a Hulk book is outselling it. To be fair, I’ve heard it’s a fantastic Hulk book. But that never happens.

If that’s the case, then shame on DC for holding one writer to a standard no other writer must meet. Snyder events are really the only thing that outsell King, his Batman certainly didn’t.
In the end I hope it’s sales and not fear of giving depth or nuance to a character, seems to have worked very well for DC with Mister Miracle.
Either way I disagree with it, writers and artist deserve better when they are trying to elevate the craft while also paying tribute to the source material.

@vvillani I don’t think they’re holding him as a writer to a high standard. I think they hold the series Batman to higher standard in terms of sales. It’s their flagship series. It’s how they make money. If it’s not making the money it should be, it doesn’t matter whether the author is telling a horrible story or a fantastic one. Something HAS to change.

If they give you Batman, you HAVE to write a story that sells. It’s your job. If it’s not selling, you’re not going doing your job. And if you aren’t doing your job, you get fired. That’s how the world works.

However, this is assuming that he is being removed from the series because of sales. The truth is we don’t know the reason and we may never know. However, I believe it’s sales because of how poorly Batman has been performing compared to how it normally does.

…not really…

Never mind. Just saw the news!

I do not know if he is being kicked off or if dc had different plans for the title. Part of me is happy because I did not like the way he was writing it. At the same time, he made some great moments. I am mostly looking forward to who will be writing Batman after tom king.