Tom King and the Batman

you know, I really enjoy the run tom king has done on Batman but I hear its not to popular with a lot of people. just want some opinions. Do you like it or do you dislike it. I’m just interested in seeing what the populous thinks.

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I’ve liked specific story arcs/issues and disliked others. Tom King is very hit and miss for me. For Batman examples, I generally liked the War of Jokes and Riddles and a couple of the Bat/Cat focused issues and the jury issues, but I disliked most of the Bane stuff, Gotham Siblings stuff, what happened to Dick, and the recent Knightmare arc.

Some of his Batman is my fav BATS ever and some of it is really draining.

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With the exception of the Knightmares nonsense I have been a huge fan of his run.

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I’ve liked a lot of his stuff, but I think part of the problem is that there’s been a fair amount of bloat and decompression. Luke the recent Knightmares arc should have been an annual, maybe with two or three extra issues at most.

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I’ve liked it. I agree that there’s issues with bloat. I think twice monthly may have been a bit much for this series.

We get an awful lot of Batman through the DC line. It’s been refreshing having a different type of Batman book to read.

I liked it up until the Heroes in Crisis tie-in crossover with The Flash. Lost interest from that point forward.

I’m coming back to it for Tony Daniel’s return to the artwork and it’s place in Year of the Villain.