Todd McFarlane on His DC MULTIVERSE Figures & San Diego Comic-Con at Home

If you’re a toy collector, then it’s hard to ignore Todd McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line. The legendary comic book artist has channeled his creativity into creating some of the most unique action figures on the market, and he’s just getting started with his articulated interpretations of DC’s favorite characters. We recently had a chance to chat with McFarlane about the line’s new Batman: White Knight figures, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at Home, and what’s next for DC Multiverse.

Check out today’s News article to see what Todd McFarlane had to say!

What are your favorite figures in Todd McFarlane’s DC Multiverse line? Let us know in the comments below!


Solid interview and a fine read. I love Todd’s enthusiasm, and that’s he’s a kid at heart.

My favorite wave 1 Multiverse figures: Action #1000 Superman, Green Lantern, The Batman Who Laughs, Unchained Armor Superman and Batgirl.

Honorable Mention: Hellbat Armor Batman.

Wave 2 favs: Golden Armor Wonder Woman, Blue and Gray 'Tec #1000 Batman and Azrael.

The CC@H reveals are badass. Based on what was said in the article, I’m hoping he does more next week.

Given the amount, I’m thinking these pictures must be what he was referring to. Right? Maybe at the time of the interview, these pics weren’t ready for release. They showed 15 new figures already but I’d be happy to see more.
I love the Azbats and that’s a definite buy. My gripe with Arkham Batman figures (all companies) is the ears always look bent to me.

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Love the detail on the figures, but wish they would venture outside of Gotham a bit more.

Love Mcfarlane prices on the figures

The CC@H pictures were in the article, so based on how Todd was quoted, I got the impression that he had more product to reveal should he choose to do so.

I’m 99.99% sure that a figure of The Drowned is on tap and, given the Metal theme, perhaps Hawkman too, especially since the tooling for the wings already exists via the new BWL.

I agree about the ears on Arkham Batman figures. Mattel’s 4" Arkham figures looked fine, but the 6" and up figures do tend to look curved in/bent, regardless of who makes them.

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