Today's DC Daily 6-11-19

This is a simple post I want to thread. Today one of my favorite series of comics EVER was discussed for book club! Immediately I was stoked to see this because I love it SO MUCH. But then the cast is shown and it’s only 3 members. Not that we need more, but wtf does nobody else Stan this or are they all too busy on a Tuesday to commit :sleeping:

Yea, I was confused about this too. I remember last time that they had a small episode like this though they followed it up with a 30 minute episode about the Doom Patrol Finale, so maybe their saving all their DC Daily juice for later in the week. I wouldn’t mind that :slight_smile:

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I hope this is a book club that dives into several issues so we get a little more actual opinions on the series fleshed out. I could tell they were working super hard not to spoil the story but who cares. We all should have read it by now I think