To the Collectors out There or Am I Alone?

So a little bit about myself my birthday is next month, I’m going to be 37 early November. My wife and mother in law asked me what I wanted for my birthday. The answer was simple comic books and stuff for my comic book room for example action figures and wall art ( Mainly Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern) . Im telling you all this to ask my fellow collectors what are your family members reactions when your 12 year old self and present self have the same list lol. I just got this look of we love you for you. Or am I just alone in my nerd-dom?


I turned 37 in January- friends and family are well aware of my love for comics and all are accepting of it. None really attempt buying me comics for gifts though- almost all of them love when a gift is a surprise, and you can’t surprise someone with something they’ve specifically asked for.

My favorite is when I get Amazon/Barnes and Noble/Half Price Books gift cards so I can get the things I need in my collections myself.


My older sister told me that my mom told her that she wishes I was more “well-dressed.” According to my mom, no one would want to marry me if I keep wearing my DC shirts. My sister defended me and said that this is who I am and that I wouldn’t want to marry someone who looks down at something I love. Ever since then, my mom has accepted that I will always be this nerdy. I appreciate my older sister who has my back. She always gives me DC themed gifts for my birthday and Christmas.


I’m 40, have a wife and 3 kids, and I collect DC figures, statues, and some hardcovers. DC Trinity specifically, with a newfound focus on Superman. The wife & kids like that I have a hobby that brings smiles to my face, so no issues there. Well… other than keeping space managed, of course :slightly_smiling_face:. As far as other family and friends, reactions vary from “This is awesome” to “Toys? Really?”. I’ve come to both appreciate the positive reactions, and not be bothered at all by the negative ones. Especially true because the positive ones heavily outweigh those that are negative or snarky. When someone compliments one of my pieces, it usually leads to a nice little discussion about what it is based on, etc. On the opposite end, when someone is perplexed by the hobby, I try not to take it personally. A lot of people haven’t been exposed to the world of comics fandom, let alone collecting this stuff, so it all seems very foreign to them. I usually bring up collecting stamps or coins as something comparable.

I also learned that, there are those I can connect with when it comes to the world of comics, and those that are probably best left out of that loop. If they are important enough to me, I’ll find something else to connect with them over :slightly_smiling_face:.


Do you, bro. Live for what you enjoy​:four_leaf_clover:


there’s your everyday and then when you should “clean up nice”. And the nice can have that DC bling/flair/what have you. my everyday is my collection of metal concert tees that i like to wear.


Exactly. Obviously, I am not going to wear my DC shirts when I have to attend a formal event or present at a conference. That sounds like an awesome tshirt collection.


Thanks. that collection was the result of a very random and rather unrestrained return to the scene.


@WonderFlash93 I have been wearing DC Comics shirts before the big bang theory made it cool! Also, you will find a woman that’s going to find you charming and a forever project by buying you shirts you love and having you have the ability to be well dressed. Alot of woman want the nerd because we get stuff done normally have a good job, last but not least will not cheat.


Thanks! I too have been wearing DC Comics shirts before TBBT made it popular.


I still put Lego on my birthday and Christmas lists for my family. It works, and that’s all that matters to me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s the thing, people constantly criticize comic fans, even big celebs like Bill Maher have publicly attacked us without reason. We’re interpreted as losers in tv and movies, all because we have different interests than everyone else. but shouldn’t we be able to enjoy what we want without being ridiculed? It’s sad that we need to ask these questions.


@DefinitlyNOTJackRyder I agree but We are different in all reality if a person made a device that makes a man fly I guarantee it was a comic book fan that changed the world. My brother is all about basketball and Im all about comics if we enjoy it then why should we have to defend it. Although I have told my brother I absolutely disagree with paying someone millions of dollars because they can dribble a ball. Comics have made pop culture an actual thing. So yeah I want to fly and be bulletproof ; so what im a nerd and still have an imagination. I say this if anyone ever makes you feel bad for being a comic nerd they have never read a comic. They clearly don’t understand and you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


Never take any sh*t from sports fans- they’re exactly the same as comics fans, they just put that same energy towards teams and sports stars.

We cosplay our favorite characters, they wear jerseys and paint their faces/bodies with their favorite team colors.

We know comics trivia, they know sports trivia.

We ask if you prefer DC or Marvel- they ask which sport you’re into.

We collect comics/ they collect ‘memorabilia’.

We look forward to comic cons/ if they’re lucky they look forward to the playoffs.

We day dream about who would win between characters who haven’t met yet/ they do the same thing about ‘Who is the greatest of all time’.


Don’t let that bother you- Hollywood is clueless. Just watch them try to portray any high school ever- they’ve botched that for decades, they’ll continue to do the same with comics fans, Big Bang Theory being a prime example. That show looked at the worst fans we have to offer and thought it would be cool to portray all fans that way.


I like sports, Baseball specifically (Giants fan). I have some jerseys and hats, even a ball autographed by Will Clark. I love going to a ballgame every now & then. I’m much more into comics than I am into sports though. Does that make me part of “we” or “they”? :wink:


Huge fan of MMA, San Antonio Spurs basketball, boxing, and I at least follow whats happening in the NFL and MLB.

I say ‘they’ but like you, I’m apart of both groups.



See… we’re all on the same team. Pun not intended :slightly_smiling_face:.


@moro thats whats sucks it is we it should never be they. Also, I think more people would be into comics if they didn’t have the mindset it is childish. Its not childish because we never grew up. Seriously Im happy to see comics are more PG-13 then it used to be.

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@TheTerribleToyman has it right.

If the sports fan can rattle off statistics, that’s another type of nerd

The metal head (me), another type of nerd.

If the word ‘nerd’ was replaced with the word ‘hobbyist’, would we nerds still have to tolerate the derision?