To Acknowledge One..

Batman!, Batman!, Batman!!.. Batman Has My Respect He Has Since I Was 9 And I Was 9 In 1989. I Had All Always Enjoyed And Preferred Reading Has Comics Other Then The Boy Scouts Comics… Don’t Get Me Wrong Mr. Keunt ( See what I tried There) Be Around Different Colored Rocks Cause Depending On The Color He’s Emotions, Personality, Intendancy All Of He Turns Him Into A Individual Having A Ego Dissolution… Bad Enough He’s Ego Provides Him A Superiority Complex. Know Why He Struts Around Like He’s A Damn Peacock?. Because He Got Comfortable And Is Enjoying The Fact That Earth’s Sun For As Long As he Is Unlimited Power Charger… DAMN Schmuck Don’t Get To Comfortable To Where You Forget That If It Wasn’t For Earth’s Sun You’re Nothing More Then An Unwanted Alien!. Hell You Would Be Just A Space Immigrant. What’s Why To Me Clark You’re A Alien Putz That Got Lucky. Schmuck Or Putz You Choice Either Way YOU’RE A DICK!!.

You don’t need to capitalize every word in a sentence. I feel like I am looking at words cut out of a magazine. This was truly a “delight” to read. But I disagree wholeheartedly. Supes is awesome, treats others with respect and dignity, and he is super humble. I love Batman, but I also think of Superman as a great man not an alien. He spent most of his life in Kansas, dude, how American can you get?