Title of the year 2019

As we enter the holiday season and 2020 approaches I would like to ask what the committee thinks is the best DC title of the 2019?

My choice is The Wild Storm

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The Vertigo ( I mean Black Label ) series American Carnage, or The Green Lantern.


American Carnage hands down!

But I’ll throw honorable mention to Wonder Twins.

**seriously you can’t get more opposite than these two choices, though.


I forgot about Wonder Twins! Mark Russell can do no wrong.


Tom King’s Batman run.
I just love anything King writes.

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American Carnage

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Curse of the White Knight is shaping up to be a great follow up

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My answer to this will always be Scooby-Doo! Team-Up, even when there isn’t a Scooby-Doo! Team-Up title. Man, do I miss that book!

Batman’s probably still tops, though I don’t think this year’s issues were as strong as the last few.

Action Comics has been really strong too.

Anyone else wish to chime in?