When you see what the new season of Titans has in store… it makes you proud to be a DC fan… I cant wait to see Conner in action.


Connor? Krypto is where it’s at! Looking forward to season 2


Im really rooting for this show to be good. Tbh, I’m not a huge fan of the first season, but it looks like they’re trying out a different tone. I liked the tone of the first season, but the writing wasn’t as good as I would have hoped. Really excited for September to give the show a second chance.


I looking forward to it…but I’m a little skeptical about Connor. Don’t get me wrong, he looks good, but they gotta address Superman and Lex before they so stuff with him on the team itself, and the season looks a little cluttered. Hope they juggle things right.

Other than that, thank god they changed everyone’s wigs. Season 1 wigs were awful

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Can’t wait! It’s my most anticipated thing within the next 22 months!

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I am so very ready to see more of this story! <3

They let Diana be implied by Donna Troy. including Dick in the gallery, “Her Mom and my Dad would work together, so we would hang out a lot.”

I had to pause on the scene of Connor (we’re assuming) wearing the black background S. I will assume he won’t be able to fly. Which also saves on the FX budget. Part of his arc could be about finding out about Lex. Which if implied right, should work well. The crest of the House of El automatically implies Clark and all that Kryptonian jazz.

And Aqualad having violet eyes (well if they are saving on flying, let’s spend it somewhere) will please me greatly.

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I will say the one thing that puzzles me about Connor being in Titans, is seemingly he will have just been created. So it isn’t like Dick and Donna who have been heroes for years and already seperated from their “adult” counterpart. I would think if someone who looks just like Superman as a teenager calling himself Superboy was running around Superman (who we know exist in this universe) would check it out. But seems unlikely Superman is set to make an appearance considering they only kind of sort of did Batman after a whole season, and not even known if Bruce will be in costume at all this season. So that seems tricky to navigate, but doesn’t mean they can’t do it.


If s2 can successfully resolve s1 and have the buffet of new heroes, i’m in. Right now, i’m a little nervous the writing side is in trouble. Regardless, i’m excited to see some great action pieces.