Crazy episode of titans looks like dick grayson shadow shape like a bird wings was very awesome yet should’ve known rose was working with slade but Jericho is alive best plot twist what do think is the best part of titans?

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I was expecting all of it regrading Jericho and Rose. I really hope things amp on in the next episode.

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Best part. All of it, that Batman, the bird wings… the donuts. I think this is my favorite episode


Rachel and Kori just doing the slow walk at the end were awesome.

And them then using their powers!

I assume it was Rachel who subconsciously got them togetther including Bruce. How does she even knew who Bruce is?

Bruce vs Dick fight was great too. Since this is what Dick thinks Batman can do, I am mure willing to accept this actor as Batman

As Batman said in the Dark Knight Returns by Miller (paraphrase)

In this position

There are X ways to stop bad guy without inflicting pain

There are Y ways to kill him

And Z ways to hurt him badly

Miller’s Batman always used option Z

I see this Batman using both X and Z approaches, like he was more rational, less driven, less angry than he was earlier on, when Dick first started with him


What did slade sign


Help presumably from.Jerico who put himself in the body of his father before his body died


So Gar’s been turned into a sleeper agent, and it appears his mission is to kill Rachel. Problem is, unlike the woman who stood in for her at Cadmus during the dry run, Rachel has powers greater than Gar’s, so maybe she’ll end up killing him.

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It was actually Jericho controlling slade hand

hey wil a titan die this season what do you think???