Titans weekly release fine with me

I actually like that Titans is dropping new episodes once a week on Friday. My family actually gets together on Fridays and when it’s done we all are so jazzed we eagerly await next week’s episode.

I hope Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing drop the same way. Bringing families together is a good thing.


I’m pretty sure all their new Shows will drop weekly like the Harley Quinn show :heart_eyes: wonder if they will all have a Friday release would be purrrfect would have multiple shows to watch each Friday

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I think they are doing it for all shows

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I’m happy they drop weekly because it give me a reason to keep coming back and something to look forward to.

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It is better your right. At first I was upset I couldn’t binge them, but in this day and age everything’s accessible instantly. Reminds me of the old days where u had to be at the tv at the right time or u missed the show. dc was brilliant to construct it this way. Now we watch., ponder and discuss for a week, Brilliant!