Titans tv show

First, let me start off by saying I think the show is well acted and done well overall. I do wonder, though, if all of the upcoming DC Universe shows are going to be dark and gritty, because frankly that is what has killed the DC movies (aside from Wonder Woman so far). I mean comic books and related media spun off of them are supposed to be a fun escape. Dark and gritty has it’s place, but not EVERYTHING has to be dark and gritty. It would be nice if some of the creators or showrunners would answer these questions.

Stargirl wont be gritty by the looks of it. Harley Quinn will be comedy. We all know young justice won’t be gritty. Swamp thing will be horror so probably. Doom Patrol will be fun and more light hearted I would assume. Metropolis won’t be gritty. It will be dark but super dark


The tone was not the issue for me pre-JL. I doubt every original show will have the exact same tone despite the shared universe.

I’m expecting Swamp Thing to be a different type if dark and gritty

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I should have stated for the live action shows, is what I was curious about, but thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

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@DCUniversefunguy Harley Quinn will be TV-MA. It’ll have more hardcore/adult-oriented comedy like Archer or Deadpool. More in the vain of Deadpool tbh. They are making EXTREMELY fourth wall breaky and self-aware jokes, even taking shots at Deadpool himself. I get the sense it’s the missing link between Teen Titans Go and Deadpool. And I think we can all expect Young Justice to be the same type of show.

@lordskellington.4599 Aside from that, the users who replied on this thread are quite right. Stargirl will be PG as well as more upbeat and cheerful, as it revolves around a teenage girl in high school. I imagine it being similar to a live action Kim Possible, minus the espionage, plus torch passing. Geoff Johns described Doom Patrol as quirky and fun, but then again the show is about a team that came together as a result of horrible accidents that disfigured them and made them outcasts to society. So… I imagine it being similar to The Flash, whereas the general tone of the show is upbeat and quirky, but they aren’t afraid to go to some dark places when the story demands it. Personally, I can’t wait 'till they finally get to the Brotherhood of Evil, and we might get our first live action Madame Rouge (my personal favorite). Metropolis, I don’t even think that’s getting made anymore. Swamp Thing will be horror, and that genre is basically synonymous with “dark and gritty” so most likely. All these shows will have a tone appropriate to the characters and stories they’re adapting.