Titans Together Reading Week Two: VOTING and Tiny Titans 6-10

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Club Summary

Welcome to the comic book reading club for all things TITANS! We will be exploring a member of the Titans team each month. This can be any team that has existed as a Titans team. Team Titans included! Each month, at the end of the month, members will vote between 4 Titans members to be highlighted the next month. Then stories will be selected to read that focused on that character. This member will be explored for the entire month through the comic library. So look for new weekly posts on MONDAYS for the club here on the forums.

October Schedule for Reading

October 5 - 11 - TINY TITANS (2010) 1-5
October 12 - 18 - TINY TITANS (2010) 6-10 EARLY VOTING commences
October 19 - 25 - TINY TITANS (2010) 11-15

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TINY TITANS (2010) 6-10
October 12-18

For this first month, we are doing a series that we probably will never get the opportunity to touch upon again due to the overall format of the club. Each 4th week of the month, the group will vote on what TITANS member it wants to examine for that month. This can be any Titans member that has had membership on any team at any time. This can also be any iteration of the team (i.e. Titans East, Titans West, Team Titans, Teen Titans, and just Titans). As long as canonically, they are stated as having been a member of a TITANS team they can be discussed if voted upon.

Discussion Questions -

  1. What gag in these issues is your favorite?
  2. Which moment did you feel wasn’t as funny as others?
  3. What did you feel about the monkey titans?
  4. What was your favorite overall issue and why?
  5. What other opinions did you have over this week’s reading that you want to share with the class?

If you have any questions, concerns, or etc. about the club, the reading, or whatever reach out to @CassTheStreet for all your #titans-together related goodness.


Voting round 1 of the original 5 Teen Titans for NOVEMBER reading

Round 1 will close at the end of this weeks reading (October 18).

  • Aqualad
  • Speedy
  • Kid Flash
  • Robin
  • Wonder Girl

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The first Titans Together Titan that will be discussed is the original Wonder Girl (Donna Troy)! Near the end of next month will be the next round of voting.

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