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Has the impossible happened?

Have the JLA and Titans actually gone to war with one another?

To find out, you’ll have to tune in dear reader, same Titans time, same Titans channel!

Or…you can cut to the chase and read JLA/Titans right here: :point_down:t2: :smiley:

Drop your thoughts on this Devin Grayson-penned/Phil Jimenez-drawn tale below, and as always @TitansTogether, GO…and have fun! :00_teen_titans:


I read the first issue today at the car dealership while a new airbag was being installed due to a recall. I had downloaded all 3 but for whatever reason, issue 2 wasn’t readable but 1 and 3 were…

While the first issue is still fresh in my head, I figured I would jump in and say my thoughts.

The build-up was interesting enough. One thing this series does that I didn’t like too much but also sort of liked is it has a lot of characters that are deep cuts in current DC comics. Like, I didn’t know a lot of the Teen Titans members that were caught. That is more of a me problem and not a problem for the target audience in 1998 so I can’t fault the book too much.

The art was a mixture of great to some panels that felt rushed. This is a common thing in comics, I think there is even a weird face topic here somewhere that highlights this kind of thing. This wasn’t meant to be read with a panel covering an entire tablet screen so that is fine…I guess. Haha

I was interested in Starfire’s story more than most of the other characters. She caught on fast that something was wrong but seeing her with her parents and kids (that Dick G. is the father of) had me wondering if I missed a HUGE piece of comic history.


Reading comics is always a good way to kill time, especially when sitting in a waiting area for a long while.

I had some recall work on my car done a few weeks ago and I meant to read while waiting, but…I accidentally left my phone at home. :facepalm_catwoman:

So, I read assorted magazines, milled about the waiting area and grabbed some food at a nearby restaurant, instead.

After the work on my car was done, I headed over to my comic shop to pick up that week’s new releases. It made up for the boredom I brought on myself by forgetting my phone (something that is extremely rare for me to do).

I had to go back and refresh myself on who certain characters were, as I drew a temporary blank on some. Afterward, the series cruised a like a brand-new car. :sunglasses:

Even so, you have to admit Phil Jimenez’s art was still pretty nifty. In my four eyes, seemingly rushed PJ art is better than most artist’s best art that they’ve taken their time with.

When I first read JLA/Titans, I thought “The Phil Jimenez drew this? Cool!”, and have dug the series ever since.


I do agree and that was me being nitpicky. The lesson is don’t read comics in panel-by-panel mode.


My lesson learned was “Make sure your phone is with you before you leave the house.” :grin:

Flipping through Car and Driver only eats up some much time, after all. :smile:


I read all three issues and adored it! This is like a who’s who for the Titans!!! Outside of the characters that have aided the Titans I knew of every single one. I was shocked, but it reminded me that I love the Titans. Mirage is a favorite from Team Titans. I have less knowledge of Argent, but was aware of her at least. I knew what Titans team she was from as well. I don’t mind saying this without spoilers that almost every Titan during this period showed up. There are some other newer additions to the team that obviously don’t appear, but this is definitely a who who. Loved it. They definitely got the right artist for this. Love Phil!

One of my favorite scenes that got me emotional were the Donna being with her baby. It was sad and very on point for her history. I also found it very interesting that the villain was Cyborg. I will say plot wise this did not feel truly like a vs series so I am glad this wasn’t emphasized. JLA felt like an addition instead of a focus. This could have been a great Titans series on its own. I loved seeing the scenes with Cyborg from the core Titans team members and glad Gar was included.

I am glad I read this for the group. I had never read it so there are some aspects I want to check into that were featured. It was a great time. Many of the groups reads are going to be first time reads for me, but I do have knowledge of the Titans since none of the characters surprised me. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone since it will be that first hand experience with a Titan fan.


Just finished issues 2 and 3. While I might have been a bit harsh on the first issue, all of those feelings went away in issue 2 as things began making more sense.

The art was fantastic in that amazing psychedelic cosmic sorta way. The story also became more flesh out, as stories usually do beyond the first issue, and before I realized it, I was all in.

This was a great read that I probably wouldn’t have touched if it wasn’t for this club!


This was an interesting read – it definitely felt like a love letter/who’s who of Titans history and it had characters I either only read scant issues of, or characters I didn’t even know or forgot that they were Titans, like…when the FLIP was RAY FREAKING PALMER a Titan?!

Anyway, I liked it for the most part – there was some solid focus on each of the main Titans, and even smaller characters get their moments to shine, which is a stunning achievement for 3 issues, even if they’re larger sized. Like, there are whole-ass twelve issue events that don’t pull that off. I’m also surprised that they were able to show all this history, like what happened to Cyborg, in a way that made it so it wasn’t completely inpentrable to someone who hasn’t read every single issue of all the different Titans books.

The only critique I guess I could give is that for a book called JLA/Titans, the JLA…don’t really factor into this too much. They’re basically supporting characters for the team, and we don’t get a lot of the duel team dynamics. At most we get a little bit of their mentors interacting with each other, which…you can kinda just get in their normal books, so it really doesn’t feel all that different. Honestly, there’s a cynical part of me that suspects that JLA was tacked onto this event solely because the team was hot at that moment and editorial figured that would make the story sell better.

Still, cool read. :+1:


Phil Jimenez is an underrated artist, in my opinion. He does seem to like somewhat cosmic drawing stories though, as he also is responsible for The Return of Donna Troy, if memory serves me correctly. That is full of cosmic art. Also glad you could join in, @D4RK5TARZ for this. Enjoyed seeing your thoughts.

Teen Titans Volume 2, the team with Prsym on it. I will spoil that he is de-aged in it. This didn’t last for long and I do believe it is available on DCUI. We will probably highlight it at some point, I would imagine.


Certainly – I think part of it is because he does have a lot of artistic stuff in common with George Perez; to the point where I think you can call Jimenez his spiritual successor. You can definitely see it in the way he lays out panels, the long, thin panels with a focus on design and grouping and theme; not to mention the sheer amount of detail etched in each panel. I do think Jimenez is probably more notable on his own at the moment thanks to his magnum opus that is Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons #1.


OMG the pages you posted are absolutely stunning. I wasn’t aware he was doing this title, as I tend not to fully follow people. I am, however, going to have to read through this title, especially with that beautifully stunning artwork. Thanks for letting me know he was doing that title!


I’ve said it once and I will say it again, if DC knew what they were doing, they would make this a poster and it will find it’s way next to many Bob Marley posters in college dorms across the world.


You are in for a treat!!! The series is amazing with stunning art!


No problem! He only did the first issue, but the second was drawn by Gene Ha, and the third will be drawn by Nicola Scott, who certainly aren’t slouches either.


Read the first issue last night of Wonder Woman: Historia since it is on DCUI! Wow, the artwork is stellar. Cosmic, as @D4RK5TARZ mentioned about Jimenez’s work, is the only true word to describe it. The story was interesting. I see what they are trying to do in the sense of female empowerment here. I am here for that part, but some of it feels choppy because it is so art focused. I hope in the other two volumes there is a bit more balance between the plot and art. One shouldn’t overtake the other. Though they are AMAZING pieces for sure. I still love me some Phil Jimenez.


I can’t say how issue 3 will be but the second one was more story focused. I look at issue 1 as a history book for a fictional society. There was a storyline somewhere in there but it was very loose while seeming factual.


Oh, yes…the Dan Jurgens (and George Perez, up to #15) Teen Titans will ab-so-lutely be highlighted in the future…even though Ray took a needless potshot at Independence Day, i.e. the best blockbuster of 1996.

Lucky for Ray, I don’t hold grudges. Well, much. :sunglasses:

hums the Independence Day closing credits music in its entirety


Ray’s just jelly that he will never have that suave nerdy mystique that Jeff Goldblum has.


:smile: Right?

No offense to Ray, but if he were instrumental in destroying an alien mother ship (and by extension, downing its entire fleet), he probably wouldn’t swagger across the desert next to the future DCEU Deadshot as Goldblum ably did, because that dude looked cool as he moseyed along and puffed on a celebratory stogey.


Especially since we already got Ryan “Hottest Thing In The Universe” Choi in the DCEU. :rofl: