titans... thoughts

I want to hear it guys tell me what you think about titans. I have my views and I’m sure you all have yours :smiley:.


Loved every second of it.


And YES it was fantastic :grin:

The beginning took a little getting used to. Raven’s (Rachel’s?) adaption appears different enough that her scenes took more of an open mind. But despite her fearful demeanor I can see the real Teen Titans Raven shining through, especially with her powers. I really enjoyed the scenes with her foster (?) mom. In not many minutes, they effectively made me care about her. I could she see was trying and that she legit wanted the best for Raven, and that made it really hurt when the dude shot her. I could also truly see the pained horror in Raven’s face at witnessing her “mom” murdered in cold blood in front of her. That was awing. I enjoyed all the scenes with Raven and I look forward to seeing how she learns to control her powers, instead of vice-versa.

Robin was perfect. Just perfect. It’s obvious he’s been through a fierce struggle with Batman and that makes his character more harsh, but I very much look forward to that story. He was a great Robin and true to the one I’m familiar with – rough, but a gold heart. It was cool seeing him nurse his wounds and clean his suit after the battle. I’ve never seen that in any superhero anything before.

Starfire (“Kori Anders” LOL) was surprisingly the most difficult for me. (Yes, she looks a little like a stripper, oh well.) She has the confidence and powers of her Teen Titans version, but she was a little too okay with violence for my preference. I was surprised how roughly she handled the hostage when she had no idea who he was or if he deserved being tied up. I was also shocked at how flippantly she reacted to burning several men. That’s no the Starfire I know, but I’m willing to give her a chance. I’m really curious who she was before the car crash. Why is she in Austria, caught up in the rich mob life, it looks like? Also excited to see what brings her to Detroit, across an ocean.

Beast Boy didn’t have much in the first episode, but he was perfectly on par with his Teen Titans version.

I cannot wait for more. I love it.

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I had faith and wasn’t disappointed


It was alright. I am personally more into the lighter side of comic storytelling, so this wasn’t really up my alley.

I would have preferred the mood of the Teen Titans animated series. I can feel that this iteration of the Titans should be sitting in jail. They all seem like a bunch of sociopaths.

To be fair though I can always watch the CW for a lighter tone when I want to. This adds some variety.

Maybe a little less blue filter in the future episodes?

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@Coville - I find it very interesting that you think the CW shows are lighter. The first year of Arrow, he killed everyone that failed the city. I guess Supergirl is lighter to compared to that. And Flash and Legends have the comedy. But still, all of them are dark too…at least in my opinion. Light and fluffy to me are things like Smallville, Batman '66, classic Wonder Woman. Not much since the 2000s though.


That sounds like my nightmare. I don’t want a live action cartoon ever.

The CW shows make me cringe non stop with their silliness.

I think this is waaay darker than everything CW. Sure, Arrow definitely has a dark streak, and true he did kill a lot of people in the first season, but he was never sadistic about it as far as I recall. Robin is completely mental, beating a defeated opponent into pulp without any trace of human empathy, Starfire also lacks human empathy to the insane murders she commits. Beast boy is a straight out criminal, who also lacks ability to empathize with what he does to others, only caring for himself. Raven is the only one with ability to empathize.
Supergirl, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are sunshine, unicorn and cotton candy compared to this. :slight_smile:

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It was pretty dark. That’s not to say that I am unwilling to give it a shot. But I will admit one of my first thoughts was, “these are the heroes”? I am looking forward to seeing more of Gar, and whether or not he can bring some welcome levity to the show. I am hoping that the way this story arc goes is that these characters start out at their lowest and most alone, and learn compassion and heroism by becoming a team and a makeshift family. That’s the Titans I want. I think it is still possible.

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Way too dark. DC, haven’t you guys learned from the movies! Need to lighten the shows!

I’m not looking for the Teen Titans cartoon, but a balance between the live action show and the cartoon would be a happy medium.


Please please please do not lighten it up. Watch the CW if you want a light hearted show.


Hear hear!

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Oof. If you ever thought Teen Titans wasn’t enough like a kind of boring horror movie, this is for you. The pacing was a soooo slow, I actually had to check how long it had been going at one point because I was dozing off. 40 minutes felt like 2 hours. They went overboard on the violence for pure shock value, in my opinion. From Raven’s mom getting shot in the head, then adding a gratuitous close-up shot of her on the floor in a pool of blood, to the Robin fight (way out of character for Dick Grayson and again, the way it was shot was completely for shock value), and even when they finally got to Beast Boy, they had to add bone cracking SFX and make it grotesque like American Werewolf in London.
I’m not averse to horror but I really feel like it is the wrong tone for a concept like Teen Titans which has a built in audience already from the cartoons who would probably have loved a fun action-packed live action version.
I subscribed to the service hoping that Titans would be a show that I could watch with my wife and early teen kids as a family but there is no way I’m letting my kids watch this level of violence. Disappointed.

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I like it so far how they did Raven made me happy. And I like a darker tone for the show. To me it has promise. Just please don’t mess up Beast boy and Trigon (if he shows up) I’ll be beyond happy.

Looking forward to seeing them get together and team up. Dick and Raven ended the first episode by going on a road trip, Starfire is on a mission to find Raven, Dick meets Hawk & Dove in next week’s episode and we know Dick and Starfire meets Beast Boy.

Them teaming up and becoming friends should be great. I’m assuming they’ll be an official team by the last episode.

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That’s a good theory @TX. But when does Daddy Stone gift them Titan Tower?

He’s appearing in Doom Patrol and so maybe he appears in Titans s2 and gives them the tower that he had been working on for the JL as backup base but decides to give it to the Titans after a team up and they save his life