Titans Sneak Peeks!

If you haven’t seen our Titans sneak peeks yet, you’re in for a treat! You can see Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy in action right on our home page. What do you think? Are any of the Titans standing out as your soon-to-be favorite?


I think I’m ready for Oct. 12. For me, I feel my faves will be a toss up between Dick and Gar…


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Robin is so cool, hopefully he becomes nightwing soon

Is Beastboy wearing makeup to look human or only his hair is green in this?

This looks like a good quality show! The news on this and “Swamp Thing” our :ok_hand:t2:

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StarFire is Fine

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It looks like Beast Boy is only gonna be green just before and after he transforms. Otherwise, he’s Caucasion with obnoxiously green hair.

ROBIN!!! Let’s goooooo!

So will the entire season be released all at once?

And, whats up with the F* Batman line? That ungrateful B* didnt appreciate everything handed to him? :smiley:

@legendsofbatman no. They’re gonna release episodes weakly. It makes more sense for this service. Netflix’s vast library makes binging necessary. This service needs to space its original content out, you don’t fall into a “show hole” in a single weekend.

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It seems that F**K Batman is really riling some people…it’s just Robin getting tired of being a “sidekick”…’nuff said…:angry:


I could buy Dick saying “F Batman”. He left Bruce in anger after all. It wasnt until he made it as Nightwing that the two reconciled.

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Yeah exactly, you can have moments of anger. I don’t, but kids yell they hate their parents in the heat of the moment. I personally can’t wait to see the Nightwing costume. Like gggeeezz I’m so stoked for that. I hope his batons are electrified! But after these new teasers I have to say, BEAST BOY FOR THE WIN!! He seems so funny haha. AlsoI can’t help but to boil in anticipation of Jason Todd dying, and how we might get a TV Batman added. And if Jason Todd dies we might get a LoA. Which means we’ll get a Talia. Which means we might get a Damien Wayne!!! But now I’m just wishful thinking lol :sweat_smile:


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Robin’s suit is awesome and the actor playing Grayson looks perfect for the role. Hopefully his acting is decent enough.

Nightwing for S2 though please!

I hope we eventually get a black and blue nightwing with the sticks instead of the Tim drake Easter egg staff, although it’s still pretty badass