Titans Show: Did Deathstroke kill a Titan in the past?

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Also could he threathen Jason Todd? Is that how he becomes Red Hood?

It does make sense.

Why would Donna go back to being a Titan again?

Why would Dove, after her massive injuries, want to come back to the life?

Why would Hawk let her, after he experienced Dove almost dying?

I think the reason Jason Todd is a Titan this season is that both Bruce and Dick think he is too violent.

He does seem gung ho unlike Damien in Justice League vs Teen Titan animation movie.

I have heard of this. I think it might be Aqualad and that’s probably why he’s there is for flashbacks. Explaining why Donna has her classic red outfit and why the older Titans are together. And it makes sense with Jason as the leader who got Deathstrokes attention in the last trailer.

I think something happened to Grant, like in the books, Deathstroke blamed the Titans, then killed Aqualad, or he has taken him out of action. Donna said there are “Ghost here”, so something went down. Also, I think the way episode 1 ends is with Slade seeing Jason on the TV, then we will be rolling into everything with him and the Titans from episode 2. I hope we get a full episode of the first team in the past and we find out what happened to them and their history with Deathstroke.