Titans series season 2

Just wanted to say I saw the first episode of season 2 of Titans and enjoy it even more than the first season.


I enjoyed it as much as the 1st. Just really glad season 2 is finally here!

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Absolutely loved it! I wasn’t expecting as much Slade setup as we got!

I wish they gave Trigon a better ending like a the 2 episodes we were robbed of. I love Deathstroke and Wintergreen. I want Aqualad and Cyborg in titans

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I don’t think we were robbed of 2 episodes. I think they only cut it one short to have a cliffhanger. But I do agree if they had a true finale last season we likely would have gotten better then we got. Don’t think the ending we got was horrible, but it was clearly cut short to set up the season 2 arcs.

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I read somewhere that episode 2 was originally supposed to introduce the Organization and the creation of The Nuclear Family. That episode ended up on the cutting room floor and Hawk and Dove was moved up.

I was glad, after the slow burn all of season 1 that they pivoted fast in s2E1.

I think it gives the show momentum going forward.

We got to see each of the characters darkest secrets/fears.

I wish they would have included a quick flashback to Raven’s “I take it back” moment from the asylum episode. The memory of that is the psychological pivot point. That’s why she all of a sudden knows, I can send him back. I have this power. It might have come via heredity, but that power belongs to her. She just needed to take ownership of it.