Titans Season two Episode one

I realize everyone is way ahead of me on season two of Titans but I still want to give a little review on this episode. It was a good episode despite three issues I had with it. One: Trigon wasn’t correctly made, two: I’m not sure about the old dog Iain Glen playing Bruce Wayne although a terrific actor, and Three: the Titan tower doesn’t look like the tower. I wanted to see the building that looked like a T. However, What up, Esai?!? I do like the choice of Esai Morales, an underrated actor in my opinion, playing Slade Wilson. SO I can not wait to see what this season has to offer. Thanks, guys! Leave comments below on what you think!

I like everything except grampa wayne.

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The Trigon fight was a huge anticlimax that undermined all the buildup made the presence of the other Titans irrelevant. I know that a big fight between the actors and a CG demon would have looked silly, but at least it would have been appropriate.

I don’t really have any complaints about the scenes that preceded the “fight” between Raven and her devil dad, and I wouldn’t have issues with most of the scenes that followed if it weren’t for the feeling that the episode should already be over. My biggest gripe in that section is the presence of Deathstroke, who could have waited to make his appearance in the next episode.

My favorite part of the interminable postscript was the scene with Bruce. I was getting Adam West vibes in a good way. I could actually believe that this character was from an aristocratic family and that he had been primarily raised by a proper British butler. He smelled of Old Money in a way that even some of my favorite Bruce Waynes do not. Granted, one could argue that the Dick of this series seems really messed up for a guy who worked with a Batman who probably called him Chum all the time.

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I also was disappointed in Old Man Bruce…
Can’t wait to watch next episode!

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