Titans Season Three Discussion - Contains Spoilers!

Our heroes win


Well, that was actually a really good finale.

My boy Tim got his moment. A couple actually. The way his eyes lit up when Dick asked if he was coming? I’m so happy for him.

Jason got a little redemption. He has a long way to go. But he has started down that path. That ‘Thank You’ to Bruce for killing the Joker kinda hurt me. Hundreds of comics storylines got wiped away with that and it was great.

I wish Donna was staying. I love Connor Leslie so much. But maybe we are getting an ARGUS spinoff with her, Vee and Roy? That could be fun.

I am loving the darker vibe this show has. Raven’s causal stroll in to drop off the darkest memories and thoughts of everyone who has ever used the Lazarus Pit was just wonderful. That actress gets better every season. And she wasn’t bad to start.

I am very curious what next season will bring. I loved Gotham but going back to a more Titans vibe will be nice. So much happened in the finale and I barely touched on it but I loved it all. Can’t wait for next season!


Very awesome™:+1: finale.

This is it the big end. Scarecrow bimbo many and thing go crazy.

The fight at the start with Tim Donna Rae and BB was great. Very cool stuff there.

The team needs to think of what’s next for to start the crow. And they do.

Babs is free and V is ARGUS. Interesting.

Dick BB and Tim go to stop the crow. Fun break in and Tim gets that last word. Very awesome™:+1: Jason reconciles worth Dick which was cool.

Rae Supes SF BF and Troy try to revive them all. Cool stuff there. And Donna get a second shot at the lighting :sweat_smile:.

The people are revived and the day is saved.

Bats and Jason kind of make up. Dick says his goodbyes. Jason is off in the sunset. Donna may be going to ARGUS and BF is off to queen. Now the Titans are on a road trip back to home. Very fun there. Wonder rid next season will be the road trip?:thinking:.

And Crane gets what he’s always wanted. Fear.

This season was very cool. Strong start and a lot of chnages. Gotham effected everyone and now it time for the team to move one. Everyone was great this season. Really like this version of Scarecrow.

So what’s next. A new member. New suits. A new big bad. A returning bad. A Red Hood Spin Off. Who knows but I’m exited for what’s next.


yess we finally got a raven name drop


Strong Finale overall. Crane gers what he deserves. Mybonly real complaint is they kinda glosses over the Connor thing. " I was selfish"? Really?


Personally, I would love a series where it stars Huntress (Helena B) joining Jason todd as I ship these to.

However, I wonder just what the heck bruce was doing in London…and am wondering if it may connect to tom tailor Batman Dark detective limited series.

personally, i feel they kinda rushed the ending and wish they did not use the cure-all of the LP to fix everything via raven purifying it (although it was bad ass). then again it was only for the last attack. I also wish we got to see the jokers death just because I feel there has not been a satisfying Batman kills the joker moment set to film or print yet.

we may be seeing the outlaws form as Roy Harper was mentioned in this season as part of argus, with Dana troy instead of Starfire or Artemis of BM. Honestly, I would love some prequel Limited series that explore Gotham of Titans and the first titan’s adventures more.

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