Titans Season Three Discussion - Contains Spoilers!

Can’t help but think of punisher s2 jigsaw after this episode


I’m not sure what Tim story I thought I needed from this season but it is apparently him and Donna leading a revolt against the GCPD. And I am so excited for it.

Nightwing did a lot of stupid stuff this episode. Of course Jason would have the back way blocked off. Why would you sideline Connor and Krypto? Why would you turn your back on a dude trying to shoot you? Geez, Dick. I hope Rachel can harness the Lazarus pit and revive you next week because you are going to need it.

Jason really looked scared when Dick started bleeding out though. That should be the final push he needs to jump back to the light, I hope.

Starfire, I was kind of close with my dream interpretation from a couple weeks ago. :sweat_smile: But I do like this way better. Blackfire is gonna go crazy when she finds out.

There is a ton left to tie up in this last episode (there is only 1 left, right?) I hope we don’t get left on a bad cliffhanger again.


There are two episodes left this season.

Right now, given only two episodes, Jason is the only one who can stop Crane and unframe the Titans. Sure, Bruce could come back, but I’m pretty sure he can’t be used outside of a supporting role.)This text will be blurred

Last week, Dick somewhat innocently led his family the Titans into a trap. So this week, he goes back to playing Batman, refusing to let that happen again. But Dick is too trusting to be Batman.

Interestingly, several characters’ powers seem to be moving closer to their comic book versions-- Kory with energy bolts instead of just fire, Raven may or may not be teleporting, and why else would Gar think he’s being followed by bats? This text will be blurred

Raven doesn’t need the Lazurus Pit to heal-- but they remain vague about how well she knows this about herself. She didn’t see the deer get up in season one, but apparently she was “taking care” of Kory’s wounds at the end of season 2. And she’s been training with Amazons. She doesn’t know Donna is alive, so her failing Dick really shouldn’t be an option unless the end of this season is Raven wipes Crane and Jason out of existence in one angry and fell swoop.
And I doubt that happening.


Holy ■■■■, did that just happen?

At first when I was watching the episode all I was thinking about was my boy Tim. I screamed when he showed everyone his hideout bc it’s just like in the comics and I love that. I also was really hoping that Donna would meet up with the team but for now I like the little duo her and Tim have going on. Then in the last 10 minutes I was like what the heck. The fight scene between Nightwing and Red Hood was amazing. It really showed that they were both trained by the same person, and was really a test to see who was better. I’m happy that Dick won bc without Red Hood training in the All Caste like he does in the comics, Dick is a wayyy better fighter then he is. I don’t really have much to say about Dick getting shot because we all know that he ain’t going to die. What I will talk about Is Raven because oh my god I’m praying that what happened at the end was her soul self leaving to go save Dick. Along with that I think that they have really upped Raven’s power and it honestly looks so badass and scary just like it’s suppose to. You could see the exact second on screen where Jason realized that he was f***ed. He is in way over his head and he knows it. I feel like all this time he’s been on this big ego trip and now he’s come to his senses. I really really really hope that Jason takes care of Scarecrow himself because I feel like anyone else taking him out is gonna lame. Overall pretty good episode, I can’t believe there is only two episodes left, I’m excited to see how it all plays out.


Crazy episode.

Star dealing with her visions. Makes a new friend. And interesting origin. Tameran looks cool though. Nice with the switch and interesting powers.

BB and Rae on and adventure to find the pit. And they did. Interesting.

Connor gets sidelined as Dick goes full bat with cons to do it there way. And poor Krypto.

Dick goes to challenge Jason. Fall ms into the trap. Now shot and getting beat up. This doesn’t look like how Jason thought it would be.

Crane breaking through his fears now goes crazy. And is all cut up. Interesting.

Tim and Donna go to his home. His parents discover secrets. Now at war with the GCPD. Wonder how that will go.

Can the Gothamites survive the attack? Is this the end of Dick? What is happening with Raven? All this and more Same Titans Time Same Titans Channel


Crazy episode…
Dicks plot armor is being put to the test.
Personally, I would like it if Dick dies in the next episode as really he has the strongest plot armor of the batfamily, and has been saved from death in many continuites even injustice as he comes back as the next deadman.


Since pretty much everyone else has shared similar thoughts to mine, I’ll make this brief:

  1. Of course, I absolutely love my lil babies following around Gar, keepin’ him safe and all, as well as leading him to where he needs to be.

  2. As much as I appreciate a Jason Todd Defense Squad, I don’t like the circumstances. I do not claim this Squad in the episode.

  3. Curran Walters is hot. As usual. 'Nuff said :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just read a synopsis of Episode 12, including a clip of Gar, Rachel and a dead Dick. Gar, under great emotional stress, finally has some sort of change, one that this season has been foreshadowing for a very long time.

I will watch it soon, two times, before the WAL tonight.

Lots of great moments, with some major resolutions.

Rushing toward the next, final episode, which doesn’t seems so far to be a cliffhanger.

All the characters, Jason, Dick, Tim, Donna, Gar, Rachel, Blackfire, Starfire, Superboy, Krypto, and Barbara (with Oracle), are now available on the chessboard. I expect all of them to be together, against Crane, in some manner, in the grand finale next week.


Very good episode. What Dick saw and experience on the other side was gripping , Crane is more interesting to me every episode. Will Jason be redemmed? And Whats up with Connor?Looking forward to season finale next week.


Y’all I’m not gonna lie they lost me in the first half. The melodrama, the cringe. I loved that Gar finally turned into something that wasn’t a tiger, but bats lifting up Dick’s dead body? I’m out there were so many better ways to achieve what they wanted and they went with the most absurd way. Connor needs to tone it down. Dick used Kryptonite so that Connor wasn’t putting himself in danger. It wasn’t that deep. Saying **** the titans and everything was unnecessary. I feel like they’re trying to make him into some sort of a bad boy, and it’s not working. I’m not gonna comment on the whole Blackfire thing because I honestly couldn’t care less. Then the whole Dick down under montage thing. I thought the whole seeing his father thing was cute, and I can get behind the whole child thing, but putting Dick in a suit making him look like the Joker is where I draw the line. Like y’all I can’t with this. And don’t even get me started on the camera work that happened before Dick came out of the Pit. Now all of that really had me counting down the minutes til the episode was over but then it all changed. Tim is my hero. His fight, his drive to do what is good is really sweet and refreshing to see. I really hope we get to see him hone some of his robin skills or at least have a semi spot on the team, or better yet let the finale end with him becoming robin. The best thing to happen in this episode was Barbara giving the camera the middle finger. Even though she didn’t do much in this episode they really built her up so I’m excited to see what role she plays in the finale, and of course her reunite with Dick because those two are meant to be don’t @ me. I love Jason and Dick working together, and I really liked the way that they didn’t automatically make Jason a Titan again or even give him hope that he would be because he has a lot to make up for if he even wants to be considered an ally and I’m really excited to see where that goes next season. Overall I thought it was going to be a bad episode but in reality it got me really excited for next week and I hope and pray that we get an ending we deserve.


So much happened this episode. I am so excited for Tim and Donna. It should be a ton of fun. Especially with Gar and Raven on the way.

I know we only had Babs for about 3 seconds this episode but I loved each one. The second scene, I yelled for my sister to come in and watch because I knew it was going to be a quick fight scene but it was over before she could get to the tv. :laughing: It was beautiful. I loved it all. The middle finger to the camera as she left was perfect.

Every time I think this show doesn’t know what they are doing with Connor they do something like this. His face in this explosion is the exact opposite from the 3rd episode when Hank explodes. I hate that they are doing a love sub-plot with him but I like that he is getting a sub-plot. Star’s face when she realizes what Connor has done was beautiful.

Blackfire had a way better reaction than I thought she would. But I do agree with Connor. Why does she need to go back? Her whole planet hates her. But now that she should be Queen she wants to go back? I don’t like these storylines and I agree with Connor on this one, though not for the same exact reasons.

Does all of Gotham know that Jason Todd and Dick Grayson are Red Hood and Nightwing now? Because they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. But I do like the team-up.

The last episodes should be a fun one. Can’t wait to see Crane go down. But there is so much to tie up. I wonder what will get fixed and what won’t.


Awesome™:+1: episode

Babs with a cool prison escape. Now trying to reactivate Oracle.

Beast Boy get a new animal and a bat awesome™:+1:. Cool bat scene as Rae and BB pit Dick.

Dick going through the pit was cool. Ver bright feel to it. Also how the bit changed his Nightwing suit to a suit. (Or was that the bats​:laughing:). But cool stuf there and nice scene with Jason.

Donna and Tim evac. Cool stuff between them. Nice fights.

Connor’s Lex is taking over. BF handle the news from Star well then SB blows it up. Interesting where that will go.

Crane was great this episode. His plan is coming together. And the chain hook was awesome™:+1:. Very injustice 2.

What Crane’s next move? Will the Titans save the day? What’s with Superboy? All this and more in the exiting conclusion Same Crane Time Same Crane Channel.


Anyone else getting vibes from the secret origins of the huntress (1977?) I would love Helena Wayne to make an apearince.


There’s not a lot of reason why they couldn’t do it…


Titans season 4 is now announced… and HBO Max has passed on Hawk and Dove. So… what could the potential spin-off be?


I would say a live-action batman series but Bruce will likely never dawn cape and cowl again.


I would like
Birds of Prey
With Barbara as Oracle

The problems

Black Canary on HBO Max

Batgirl film

Maybe best we can get is

Huntress on HBO Max

Huntress Question
With either Question


I pretty much didn’t like anything about Dick’s experience. I guess seeing his dad was fine, but where was his mom?

I liked Barbara’s brief moments, Dick and Jason working together, and Raven helping Gar.


This show is so up and down for me. At times it is great and at times it feels like it is time to close this chapter of DC television. The latest episode was one of those times.

Bats lifting Dick in the air? C’mon…

The lack of Beast Boy doing anything of any real value…?

The only reason I watch it, is to support DC right now. It is a tough watch for me. Though I think at this point all the CW shows are that was as well. The exception is Superman and Lois, although it has its moments too…


Holy geez but Dick is a terrible leader. Literally every decision he makes is the wrong one. At first I thought it was weak storytelling but I’ve come around to the idea that it is intentional on the part of the writers. Suspect that will be a plot point in the finale.

Also suspect JT is not long for this world…