Titans Season 4

With everything coming out of Titans news and stuff, like an actual Teen Titans villain as opposed to a Bat one in Brother Blood, are you a bit more optimistic than you’ve ever been after Seasons 1-3?

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Any word when it is coming out ?

I always am, but I really hope that this is the one that makes people happy (it’s hard to just enjoy something when everyone trashes it for you). As much as I love the Batfam… I understand the frustration people have had. When you have Dick Grayson set as a main character and it’s specifically set during a time where members of the Batfam feel the need to come in and intervene, I could see why they’re needed, but that doesn’t mean they should be there forever (yes… even Jason sadly). I think it made sense in terms of the story, where Dick was going through an identity crisis of what he wanted to be next, and now we’re past that. We now have Tim Drake who I’m going to assume will become the new Robin officially this season.

I think now we are at a point in terms of story were the Titans can be an official team and start doing archs that are specifically Teen Titans/Titans. I think it’s just been a slow burn to get there.

Om this confuses me as literally every big baddy in the first two seasons were Titans villains: Trigon and Deathstroke literally got their start in New teen titans issue 2, Dr. Light is also a Titan’s villain. Nightwing has a history with Dr. Crane going back to Crane’s first appearance in the World’s Finest vol 1 issue 3 back in 1941, and Red Hood/Jason has a history with the titans. The teen titans have been around since 1964, however, their original lineup was Aqualad(Garth), Robin, wonder girl/ Donna troy, Kid flash, and Speedy/Roy Harper. However, the current and more famous lineup is actually the New teen titans. Starfire and Raven were created back in 1980.
and given they were doing under the red hood, Scarecrow being used was a good choice do to his ties Dick as Robin.

well, for that to really truly happen…Dick has to (and should have) quit the titans as he is a founding member of the batfamily…literally Dick first appears in 1940, the Same year as Catwoman (even though she does not officially join the batfamily until 1977 reconned to 1955 via brave and the bold 197 in the universe of Earth two) well Alfred does not have his first appearance until 1943, it was retconned that he was always there.

Plus I feel Bruce deserves a lot a better ending than being abandoned by both his sons. As this is his current ending in Titans. He should get to finally get together and stay with the one who got away :grin:. plus I want to know what he was doing in London…Plus Bruce was/is the one funding the teen titans.