:00_teen_titans:Titans Season 4 Discussion Thread:00_teen_titans:


Things are heating up.

Mayhem breaks in and curses Connor with the snake he spit up just as I thought. (Well at least the snake part :sweat_smile:)

BB and Jinx have some fun while he learns of the red. Then with the team split up he goes viral to take the snake out of Connor. Tim saves Bernard and now they finally kiss. As he feel like more of a hero now.

With Star and Raven take Blood to the famous dinner. Though magic and destiny they try to deny it. Raven and blood sibling relationship is very nice. Then it all goes south a blood sacrifices himself for the team and his family.

Will Blood achieve his destiny? Can the Titans Save him? Will Gar deeper his connection to the red? All this and more Same Titans Time Same Titans Channel


I know Sebastian being with the Titans wasn’t going to last but I loved seeing him with his little sister. I wanted more Kory and Grayson stuff than what was teased.



Crazy mid season

Connor goes full Lex with leather and a mirror shave. Kryptonians and their leather jacket phase :laughing::sweat_smile:. Smart with the satellites but not with the revenge

Tim having a nice moment with Bernard. Sweet stuff there.

Jinx bonding with the team. Interesting idea will teleportation.

Bloods memories were interesting as Mayhem convinced him.

The then fight. Cool fight. The gorilla appears. Finally. :tada: as BB connects more to the red. (Cool Animal Man and Vixen name drops). Raven goes white as her powers return. Jinx gets a cool suit to die. But I think she’ll be back especially with the not again line. Blood excepts his fate as the titans vanish. But to were​:thinking:.

What is bloods true form? Is Jinx dead? Where are the Titans? All this and more when the show returns next year Same Titans Time Same Titans Channel

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Jinx better not be dead!!! I love her already!! Rachel went all white, into a being apparently called White Raven? She looks gorgeous!


The Animal Man and especially Vixen name drops were awesome!