Titans Season 3

What are things you want to see in Titans season 3? What are things you are excited for or just anything about Titans! I will start with what I want to see.

*I would want to see Beast Boy turn into more animals as he has only turned into a lion and very briefly a snake
*I would also like to see Roy Harper appear because we have had a teaser of him and he was close to Donna so her death could bring him in
*I also want to see Deathstroke still alive because having all his super abilities and getting stabbed in the stomach should not kill him and I do not want that to be his ending as it was very anticlimactic.

Let hear what you guys have to say!!


What I need is for the focus to finally be on the main Titans. Do you realize it’s now been two years and we still don’t know that much about them? I also would love to see more father-daughter moments between Rachel and Grayson, I miss them, we had a little bit in the beginning off Season 2 but not as much as Season 1.


yeah def more animals for beast boy, Barbra as oracle, more krypto, and just better pacing and storytelling in general


I like this show. Only two things I feel need to be worked on:

  • I want to see them work as a team.
  • I want to see more action and less moping.

I like Titans so it doesn’t have to do much to keep my interest, but like Batwoman mentioning Astro City can I get a Gen 13 shout-out. Maybe Starfire could meet Caitlin Fairchild or Nightwing could be in Starbucks when Percival Chang’s order is called.

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A schedule would be nice. Will it be back this year, or will we have to wait until 2022? At this pace Teagan will soon be old enough to do her own R rated scenes soon.

Christopher Walken as Sticky Joe.

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It is pretty weird that a character with such cool powers would barely use them, as I felt the same about Rita on Doom Patrol (and considering that Beast Boy is such a fan favorite. If I had those kinds of powers, I’d use them every day

I would hope we would get a premier early this year, but I haven’t heard.

Holy ■■■■! Holy ■■■■! Holy ■■■■!

What the ■■■■?! To anyone who watched the 3 episode of season 3:

HOLY ■■■■■■■ ■■■■!!