Titans Season 2

What will happen to Jason, will he live or die, that once again is up to the fans. If he does die it’s almost guaranteed that he’s coming back as the awesome Red Hood. It’s come down to this after Grayson and the others tried to save Jason but seemingly failed as Jason seems to be plummeting to the ground based on the last episode. Will the Titans save him when will Superboy be introduced? Hopefully the questions are answered in the next episode!

They should keep him alive…

Feels like we just got him and already about to lose him. I would Like more time with him


Seems like Jason will still be around because of Connor Kent. But now Krypto is in trouble with that kryptonite collar…

I was pretty sure the claims of the poll deciding the stoey weee inaccurate. Yes there WERE “should Jason die” polls. ALSO the filmed amd wrapped up post production for the season months ago. Letting the audience decide a crucial plot point is not practical, because they had to film the rest of the season already (long before the polls)

I would be possible i suppose to create two versions, but MAN is that expensive for film to shoot all the “will never be used footage”.

The polls were never going to influence the story. It was a just for fun thing

I’ve been looking forward to seeing either Kori, Rachel, Donna or Conner fly, but no such luck yet. Titans remain a no fly zone! :slight_smile:

Jason lives he adds a loose cannon to the show

Jason Todd TRIED…