titans season 2?

So I know they’ve already cast a couple new characters but is that all? Is anyone aware of when production starts and when it comes out?

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Also what are some of your theories and predictions?

Pretty sure it’s in production right now. I predict we might see Lex Luthor. I hope we see Wally West

I really wouldn’t mind a live action blue beetle. I hope they handle dick grayson’s redemption arc, becoming nightwing, well. Its not a story I have seen adapted too many times really. Maybe having batman appear in reality instead of just dick’s dreams, maybe he hears about the trouble and shows up to help dick in some way, kind of giving his better side just a little redemption.

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Maybe it’s coming out on the year anniversary of “Titans” season 1 premiere.

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What I want to know is when we are getting part 2 of season 1?

Production was supposed to begin at the beginning of March, now not happening until April. News reports out on it.

Its confirmed that it comes out this Fall… around the same time Season 1 came out

Season 2 comes out this Fall.

There is no “part 2 of season 1”. THAT was season one. The only show that’s had a “split” so far is Young Justice. The next we see of Titans is a true Season 2.