Titans Season 2 Trailer

There’s a new possibility that we could expect the Titans season 2 trailer to drop sometime this Friday since it is the penultimate episode for Swamp Thing. This is typically what has always happened for most DCU shows. We get a new trailer around the time of the second to last episode. Any other time would be far too late since YJO ends just a week before September 6th when the season starts. This adds up with one of the Titans costume designers saying that the trailer is still coming this month.

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They released the other trailers like a week before their respective shows, right? Except for Titans, but that trailer sucked. Seriously, who edited that? That’s nothing like the show ended up being.

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Often around the time of the episode that’s before the season finale. That’s how it went with Titans and Doom Patrol.

And YN

YJ’s second half.

I can’t wait for Community 2.0 haha.

In other DC news there is a trailer for the animated Wonder Woman Bloodlines on twitter right now by Dc Animated.