Titans Season 2, Robin or Red Hood?

How did you vote in the poll on having Jason Todd live or die? I personally would love to see Red Hood and possibly even get a Red Hood and the Outlaws show in the future. Bring on the crowbar!


I think we should see more of Jason Todd Robin in season 2 and than sometime in season 3 they kill him off


I voted for him to live way back in the day. The amazing stories they could have written. I still want to see Jason as Robin during season 2 of Titans.

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The Jason Todd character was never one of my favorites (but he was nowhere near as bad as Damian Wayne), but if I had voted back in the day (passed on that vote), I would have voted to let him live.

On the second vote, I did vote for him to live.

I really do not know much about how Red Hood has developed since the first 52, so I do not have much say about him.

As for the Titans version of Jason Todd, I would like to see where they take his character over at least another season or two. Then see if he should turn into the Red Hood, or have an alternate reality self take that role, and find his way into the story, as it was in the 52 event. In either case, Jason Todd does not have to die for the introduction of the Red Hood.


Very good point Macjr! Originally I was hoping he would become Red Hood ASAP (I really want to see a Red Hood suit) but after the past 2 responses I’m beginning to reconsider, I do really like Curran Walters’ Robin and I would love to see that develop more. Thanks for the insightful answer!

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Okay, I just finished watching Batman: Under the Red Hood. I see that they have changed the origin of the Red Hood since the first 52 event, at least in that animated movie.

Still, Jason Todd was Robin for at least a few years.


Funny you mention Under the Red Hood because that was actually the reason why I became interested in Jason Todd/Red Hood! I do think we should see more Robin before any sort of transformation takes place.

I voted for him to die, with a reason behind it. If he would have never died, then there’s never a Tim Drake, possibly never a Damian (although they still may have give Bruce a son anyway), and most important to the Jason Todd character himself, no Red Hood. We would have been deprived of the development of a character, which in my opinion is far more fleshed out now and has truly found his identity as RH more than he ever did as Robin. None of that happens if he originally lived🍀