Titans Season 2 Predictions

What do you think will happen in Titans Season 2? Here’s my list:

  1. We will see the death of jason todd
  2. Kid flash and cyborg will join
  3. The finale’s post credits scene will show jason being resurrected.

I think the death of JT would be very fun to see, and I think that is very probable. I’m not sure about Cy though, since he is in DP, and it would be rough to have him in multiple shows (plus the timeline would be wacky).

I also think we’ll see Cyborg in some way. He might not join the team but maybe he’ll help them out somehow.

I’m interested to see how they’ll transition from the Trigon plot to the Deathstroke storyline.

Not sure, but I think the DCU has already hired a Kid Flash actor

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I believe the Judas Contract Arc will happen

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