Titans Season 2 Predictions! SEASON 1 SPOILERS!

What are you expecting to see in Titans season 2? Any theories? I’m all ears!

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I predict that I will whine until they add a certain redheaded character named Wally to the show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the season might be more episodic then the last ones, because I can’t see them adding all they are going too AND wrapping up the Trigon story in the same serialized format the first season did. Rumors are circulating Warner wants DCU series to be more procedural and episodic and think the season might reflect that.

Beyond that not sure beyond what we know. Seems the Titans may become a full on team at least by the end of the season. Don’t think we will see much if any of Bruce outside the costume, maybe in the batcave with the cowl off or something but doubt he will be seen “in action”. Also assume we will get Nightwing by the end. I see Robin in some of the trailer shots but guessing most are flashbacks to when he was with the original Titans, although the scene of him fighting Jason seems hard to be a flashback, since Dick and Jason didn’t know each other until they met last season.

Beyond that not sure, no mention of Tara and the Judas contract really needs it’s own season so might not do that story. But going to be interesting to see how they work in Jerrico without doing a Judas Contract storyline.

I don’t think they will go anywhere near the Judas Contract in this season, apart from Dick becoming Nightwing.

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I just hope they don’t end it like they did season 1 on a cliff hanger

The season finale got pushed to the first episode of this season, if memory serves (I could be wrong about that, though)

Also, most seasons end with some sort of cliffhanger anyway. This is not something new.

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Almost certainly obvious but the first appearance on nightwing on a live action show
My favourite character is coming to a screen near you

I wonder if they’re going to end it on Jason’s death.

Dick becomes Nightwing

No Blackfire, dont think star fire is a princess in this one

Jason dies ( hoepfully, he’s a good charcter but I would love to see a red hood arc)

Season 3 might be or lead into Judas contract adaption

The death of aqaulad (in flashbacks we see the orginal titans Donna, dick, hawk, dove, and aqaulad, however awaulad is not here yet and we dont see a modern version of him in the trailer, I think the thing that broke the orginal titans apart is aqualads death, perhaps by Slade too)

Hope they don’t do Judas Contract. Dear god I’m sick of Terra. I hope we focus on the FAR more interesting Slade/Rose/Jericho dynamic

Trigon is beaten in episode 1. I’m guessing its going to be a disappointing mess since they’re reshooting and cutting stuff in the premiere that was removed from the original finale. Makes me think something wasn’t shot/written right. Guessing its going to be a rushed finish to S1’s storyline

Hope we focus on the team itself and not everything off it like season 1 did. Hoping we see some team dynamics, than were basically non-existent last season (was there even a team last season?)

I think we need Nightwing sooner than later. He burned his Robin suit a long time ago.