Titans Season 2 Plot-hole? + Weird Stuff

Been thinking about the following: The items placed around Titans tower and the logic of Jason getting blamed for it especially now knowing what was going on with Rose + Jericho by the end of the season and why some of these do or don’t make sense.

  • Rose is in the tower at the time Rachel lost control against Jason. So assuming Rose knew about her powers issues + ‘priest thing’ Jason said to Rachel. Rose drew those crosses in Rachel’s room to trigger her.


  • Deathstroke got Doctor Light who used Ellis to blow up Dawn & Hanks cabin and Rose used the photo of Ellis to trigger Dawn since Deathstroke fed her that info.

  • Rose or Deathstroke knowing about Hank’s addiction issue I’m a bit ‘iffy’ on.

  • Rose or Deathstroke triggering Donna with the orange soda is a plot-hole I think. The soda was brought up during the episode 4 flashback in private between Donna and Garth. Deathstroke didn’t spy on them back then since he was after Jillian. I skimmed through the episodes to see if there’s a scene where she talked about it to others in the tower. Unless I missed it let me know :+1:

A timeline showing the events that lead to the next weird thing: The blame towards Jason.

  • This whole time I thought Jericho was influencing the Titans to be mad at Jason + controlling Gar to do all the weird stuff in the tower (placing items + taking pictures), which would explain why he was so absent for most of the season.

    • After Rose was revealed as the mole & Jericho stuck in Slade it made less sense how Jason was blamed since (chart above) he barely knows the OG Titans and barely was at the tower with them at the same time to learn all this stuff and was either training or in his room most of the time staring out the window after being traumatized with his near death experience.

Now it just really seems like they were all A-holes to Jason for no reason without any legitimacy to why he would do or know about these things to triggered them (except for Rachel).

- Yes, yes they are Jason.

IDK just some thoughts. If there’s any scenes to refer to that would fill in some of the holes/weird stuff please let me know :+1:


I’m a little confused about how at the beginning of the season Deathstroke is show in a cabin living in seclusion and they say that he has been absent and inactive for years. Then in eps. 12 it shows that 3 years prior to present time he’s training Ravager and I thinks its reasonable to assume that he was still actively working as a hitman. Then later in the eps. it says its just 3 months prior when Slade sends Rose on her mission to infiltrate the Titans and he is still clean shaven and looks as though he’s been working. I get that you could argue that it was misdirection with him being in the cabin in the first eps, but it seems more like a plot flaw. They present the cabin scene as though he has been in hiding the whole time and is surprised to see the Titans back together, while also showing us that the Titans thinking he was either dead or missing these last 5 years. He clearly was not hiding out in that cabin the whole time and why would he not have been keeping tabs on Grayson the whole time (which totally seems like something he would do) and been aware of a new Titans forming while during S1? Especially with Robin being reported in Detroit on TV and some of the other events that went down in S1 that would probably hit his radar.

Totally open to suggestions if someone could point out something that I am missing here.

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@NanoDeVice, The part with everyone blaming Jason didn’t make sense to me either or to others that I have talked with. It seemed obvious that it was Rose after we find out that she was a mole. But how Donna and the rest just thought it was him was nonsense being he did not know them back then. You could say that Slade had been keeping tabs on them all after things went down 5 years ago and thats how he knew about Hanks substance problem but if he was in that cabin the whole time and not communicating with Wintergreen I don’t know how he would know that. I guess you could argue that he might have gotten that info when he did recon before the Aqualad thing but it seems like neither he or Donna were the targets, because Gar was not suppose to be there and if it was Donna why did he not go back at some point to finish the job. I would bet it was the older lady heading back to Thymyscira and once she left his window closed.
It seems like letting everyone gang up on Jason was just lazy writing to give him a reason to bail.

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For the Slade cabin timeline. There was a 3 month time skip after Trigons defeat/when Jason was on the news. The time skip is shown in the beginning of S2Ep2. And so Slade was watching the news in the cabin 3 month ago and soon after planned his plan with Rose which was 3 months ago prior to the current events. So Slade soon left the cabin 3 months ago shaved, etc. and planned with Rose 3 months ago. Probably a few days later after watching the news or something. Hope I answered correctly, this stuff’s crazy to keep track of sometimes.


I agree with the part about Jason not possibly knowing. I would have to assume that they thought that Jason was using some Batman level detective work on them. They didn’t even question how Bruce Wayne was able to get them to the diner. They just questioned why he did.

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Ok cool I forgot the time jump right after trigon so he physically had time to be there but in eps. 12 after the training scene she is sitting down with Slade and he gives her a bank account and she tells jason this and that following that she breaks Dr. Light out. It doesn’t give use any time jump before the training or during the conversation at the table then your get a 3 month time jump to Slade explaining the plan. Time stamp for this whole thing is eps. 12–18:50 to like 32:00 mins. The reason it the whole thing minus the last 3 months ago part seems fluent is because of the lack of distinction of how long they were together in the house training and it doesn’t seem like he would have been hiding in the cabin without giving her the bank account or money. Plus the other stuff I said in other post. At the very least the scene in eps 12 was incoherent or the cabin scene was, but somethings off there.

@NanoDeVice Please go check that scene when you have a few and see if you can point out what I’m missing cause that was really confusing me last week. To me its either unclear with the time of when things are being said at the table or I’m just not seeing it then I guess.

Regardless though him being with Rose at that house training 3 years prior and for however long that was to him roughing it in the cabin is just wouldn’t make scenes to me if thats the case.

Ok last thing I’ll say on this. Just went back and watched his first appearance in eps. 1. If you watch it which is at 39 to 42 mins i the eps. he clearly has been there for a while, his hair is long and when he meets Evergreen or wintergreen (I can never remember) he ask if “so are we back in business?” That along with the titans thinking he was dead possibly and that he hasn’t been active in 5 years seems to imply that after his sons death he called it quits. Then in eps. 12 the scenes at 18:50 to 32 mins show that he is training Rose and most likely still working. The first conversation at the table where he gives her the bank account does not tell you how long they have been training but while telling the story to Jason, Rose follows up that after he gave her a bunch of money she went and broke Dr. Light out of jail. Then it jumps forward 3 months to him laying out the plan. It just seems unclear to me. why would he continue working and training Rose and then quit and go to the cabin. Then come back possibly 2 years later. I feel if there had been a 2 year gap between him and rose being together she would have mentioned something about it or what she did in that time.

It’s whatever though, the season was all over the place and can’t believe I spent this much time just trying to figure this part out LOL.

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It’s draining thinking about the timeline so much and trying to align it. If the series has more time jumps + more flashbacks than you’ll need to keep track of what’s going on plus aligning those new flashbacks within the continuity of the show. Like if Season 5/6 is 3 years into the future and they show a flashback that says ‘5 Years Ago’ then that would technically be like 2 year ago from Season 2/1? etc etc. I was thinking about making a timeline chart to present everything but changed my mind since that’s gonna be a headache I feel going through all the episodes to find the more minuscule jumps in time for certain events so instead I’m just gonna try to find more funny Dc Animated pictures to post. :weary:

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Yeah I see what you mean. Exactly what Rose was doing during Slade’s absence is another question. The only conclusion for the bank account scene I thought was that it was one of the last few interactions she had with Slade before he came back or at least that’s all she’s telling Jason as it relates to the Titans in regards to her meeting Slade, what he did for her and skips to the next detail with her helping Doctor Light escape and the lead up to meeting the Titans. I thought that Slade left because of Jericho as well then thought maybe he left because the strain of fighting Jericho for control over his body made it too difficult to do his job but it wasn’t really specified ‘why’ he left. Like you said he seemed active 3 years ago so he was able to do his job with Jericho in him for at least 2 years so idk.

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I’m only just now thinking about it, or maybe I’ve forgotten, but why did Deathstroke allow Dr. Light to get Hawk and Dove involved in this whole situation at all? At this point they had left the team and were trying to live a “normal” life only to get involved when Dr. Light turned Ellis into a living bomb.

@khristian012 Ohhh yeah… bringing back Hank & Dawn was weird since they were done being heroes/Titans. From what I recall Deathstroke’s plan was for the Titans to be mad enough at Dick that they leave him.

…But that happened the last time when Garth died & they got F’d using Jericho because of Dick. The OG Titans didn’t even reform after the Trigon stuff just a new team with Dick.

Slade was so mad about the Titans coming back together but Slade himself brought the OG Titans together by using Doctor Light which caused Hank to call Dick and Dawn to call Donna about it so they all came together. Yeah weird.

The last time they split wasn’t a permanent fix so not sure how he thought it would be this time. I mean last time Dick nearly got Donna killed by Slade for using his son. Think eventually they would forgive Dick for the lie about Jericho (just as Kory said). IDK

Unless he was on some other mission they never mentioned. Some kind of off the grid job that would keep him off the radar. Then it would make sense why he went to the cabin.

If you watched the finale, you’ll know that answer.

Because he was trying to take down all the Titans who were involved w/ Jericho.

But he made it a point to say that he wanted to break Dick’s family apart, and that if he had wanted he could kill them at any time. Hank and Dawn literally go back to the same town they were in before Dr. Light attacked them, and Deathstroke didn’t go after them. He just waited to see if they would try to team up again. It just seems weird to give Hank and Dawn a reason to rejoin the Titans only to break them up again.

I just re-watched that scene from ‘Atonement’ when he said to Dick that he’d kill the Titans if they ever came together again. So Slade has an idea that they could potentially come together again and/or they would forgive Dick in the future. So why not just try to kill them now? It’s like they broke up once, now a 2nd time but it’s only until the 3rd time of them coming together that Slade decides to kill them all? Very weird.

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In my best Screen Rant Pitch Meeting voice
“well then we wouldn’t have a show!” LOL
Oh goodness if you haven’t seen that guy go check him out on youtube.

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That’s true enough, but as a counter-point I would argue that we don’t have an amazing show IMO. Overall it seems like the show was good, but it’s the little details and intricacies that really show just how cobbled together it feels. It gives the appearance that the show was very much a “as-we-go” kind of situation where they had a general idea, a beginning, an end in mind, but created the middle as they got there.