Titan's season 2 episode count? Thoughts on all the castings?

Has anyone seen how many episode is Titans season 2 expected to be?
I’m getting really worried by all the announcements about it; it sounds like it’s really going to be jammed full of new stuff and the first season only wrapped up one plot line (Starfire’s origin), while leaving everything else up in the open… We’ve already got Dick, Raven, BB, Starfire, Hawk & Dove, Donna, and Jason (who was just promoted to series regular). Trigon was JUST introduced. Now they’re adding Deathstroke, Ravager, Jericho, Superboy, Krypto, Aqualad & Aquagirl (rumored), and a Batman with a face. Plus they’re getting Titans Tower, when the only team activity they’ve done so far is burn down a mental hospital filled with most likely brainwashed people.
I feel like it’s going to just be a mess, but I hope I’m wrong.


I dont think its gonna be a mess. I just think most of those characters wont have major roles. They will get introduced and maybe a little more, like Donna Troy or Jason Todd in the first season.

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Okay, but even if they only introduce the characters and give them short stories, that’s still almost a new character for every episode (depending on if the season is the same size as the first). Just doesn’t seem to me like enough time to build a bunch of new characters, let alone a “team” that’s pretty spread out right now and full of pretty deep problems.

Hawk is a drug addict with depression, Dove almost died, is most likely developing powers and those two just left the hospital. Jason is a real jerk with authority issues, enough to cripple police “because he’s wearing a mask”. BB is a vegetarian that partially ate a dude and is only turning into a single animal. Starfire is a mass police murderer who technically failed her mission to stop Raven from summoning Trigon. Donna hates even being reminded of her past hero identity. Raven is going to have to deal with either killing or sealing her demon father she just met and her mom just betrayed her and her friends.

I don’t see how they’re all supposed to join up and somehow move into Titans Tower when half of them haven’t shown a single a desire to even be superheroes.


I mean, all you can really do is wait and see, right? There’s really no need to worry.

The season finale from last season is the first episode of this season, wrapping up the Trigon story. Then we move onto the next story. Maybe Hawk and Dove finding Jason will be something that runs through a few episodes.

It’s a little too early to early to be jumping off the handle, here.


Like I said, I hope I’m wrong, it just seems like they’re adding too much into on season.


Calm down

I’m not riled up or anything, I’m just asking a question and pointing out some issues I see.


Super hyped for season 2. :+1::+1::+1:


Do we have an ETA on when we can start seeing season 2?

Depending on how many episodes they do, all those names are likely to be manageable. Coming off of the CW shows, Berlanti’s handiwork felt evident, so I let the season take me where they wanted to take me. I liked it and am very eager for season two (2).

I really would have liked Starfire to have her comic book hand and eye energy beams (starbolts seem to come to mind, but it’s a little fuzzy), but pyro effects must be easier on the budget. Nevertheless, I really like this representation of Starfire. Some notable moments include (but are not limited to): when she was talking to Beast Boy on the train and he reveals something else is in control when he transform into the tiger; when she is snapped out of attacking Raven and says, “why would i hurt someone i love?”

I also had no problem with Trigon assumung human form coming out of the doorway. Mostly because it boils down to being a TV show. Of course I want to see the big red four (4) eyed giant, but it ain’t a deal breaker if i don’t.

I am hoping this show explores the trinity. Batman has been cast for season 2. Donna Troy implies Diana “Wonder Woman” Prince. And the finale teaser implies Clark “Kal-El” Kent.

Will Aqualad be Garth or Caldur? Why not both?

I’ve got trust in DC. They have done so much good stuff

I agree. I think the solution is making the show more team based. Like when Jason showed up, the episode was all about him and the Titans were onscreen for 40 seconds. Hawk and Dove’s two episodes were all about them and no Team. Dick centered episodes were all about him. Story central episodes generally focused all on Rachel. Very little group interaction that I loved in Doom Patrol. Didn’t feel like the team ever left the “As soon as we beat this cult, we’re ditching each other”

Need fewer guest star episodes and more on the whole team

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