Titans season 2 episode 2 *"SPOILER ALERT"* 🚨

This episode was beautiful as they did not make it all about the superheroes showing, rather it was mostly about all of the developing themselves.


Excellent episode!

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Excellent episode!

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I like this version of Dr Light. Rose is a cool character I hope we see a lot more of her. The day-to-day at Titans Tower is going to be pretty cool going forward. I want to see more or as much as possible from the women, specifically Donna, starfire, and Dove etc.


Getting right to it in this episode! Pretty packed for it’s length. Nice to get caught up with everyone and set the rest of the season up in the process. Dr. Light is looking to be a real problem for this Titans team. Can’t wait to see where this goes… Also Kory flirting with that FBI agent, guess they aren’t looking for her anymore.

The season so far two episodes in is hitting it out of the park. Last season there were quite a few episodes where I was like is this the Titans, but so far this season it has been amazing.

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Pretty solid love the Roy name drop


This is what I was hoping the show would be. Very happy with this episode

Short, but as long as it needed to be. Very effective set-up and characterization. Looking forward to episode three.

I have some gripes- that I won’t air here because I have no desire to be ripped apart lol- but I’m still in enjoying it. I’m glad this show exists.

This episode was a million times better than season one. Glad they did a course correction.

The show now even feels different, even the lighting is different. Rachel being Grayson’s confidant is so great, I love their father-daughter relationship so much.

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I loved it. This show is my most anticipated piece of media out there.


This episode was fantastic! Non stop thrills and excitement! Soo much better then episode 1. I really think this season is going to be good!

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This felt like the real season premiere and I really enjoyed it. A lot more than episode one, which I’m just going to pretend was like a really late final issue. I thought Rose was portrayed well, and I look forward to seeing how her dad gets involved. Shimmer was cool, too…I hope we see Mammoth at some point.


It’s good to see the momentum out of pivot from episode 1. Glad they are keeping a brighter palette. It fits. It had to be hard shooting SF in Toronto. They are doing an ok job at finding the architectural feel, but I hope it improves. Toronto isn’t exactly known for its Victorian/Edwardian architecture.

Looking forward to episode 3.

First Deathstroke. Now Doc. Light and Rose! Man I love this show and I’m so glad to see it doing well with a great supportive community unlike the toxic one on FB. I’m a big Titans fan and this show is like a breath of fresh air for me! I absolutely love the direction they are going!


Not bad so far. I was one of those that liked season one, except for the last episode or two. I am glad they wrapped up that story arc quickly this season, and moved on to this new story arc.


I’m digging this Bruce Wayne!

This should have been season premiere. Insanely entertaining