TITANS Season 2 Episode 1 Reactions: 🚨Spoiler Zone!🚨

That’s right ladies & gentleman, the time has come! We’re all a little bit older, potentially wiser, and MUCH more aware of what kind of damage the Titans can do to a face.

Before you read any further, go at your own risk- That way lies spoilers for the next chapter in…TITANS!

Now that we’re alone…What did you think of the conclusion we’ve FINALLY gotten a chance to see of last year’s demonic adventures? Trigon’s kinda buff, right? And based on who we saw wandering through the gun racks, what could possibly be next for our team? Let us know all your thoughts, reactions, theories and more in the comments below! :point_down:


I’ll start with a hot take: the guy they got to play Bruce Wayne is terrible.


I feel like Season 2 Episode 1 was a very weak beginning for season 2 and would have been an even weaker ending for season 1. I found that the episode finally started to get interesting when Deathstroke was introduced. The jokes are pretty offbeat and the F-bombs feel forced. Trigon was extremely forgettable I’m just glad the show gets to move past that. This show is obviously meant for a mature audience, but this episode seemed directed towards twelve year olds with a potty mouth. I will say that choreography for the fight between the two Robins was great in the nightmare sequence. After Trigon was “defeated” that moment between Rachel and Dick seemed heavily romantic, which I don’t know how the director didn’t see that because teenage Raven with adult Nightwing is a big no no. Really hope the rest of season 2 is better than this, I know this show is capable of great writing, there are plenty of episodes in Season 1 that attest to that.


Not bad at all. I wish this would’ve been the final episode of Season 1 that way we could get a proper Season 2 premiere. Excited for Deathstroke and the other Titans!


Everything from minute 33 to the end was great, as we set up the new season.

The first 32 minutes i wouldn’t watch again, but they held interest, especially Donna’s arc, very clean, when she was a certain age, which explains why she doesn’t speak like Gal Gadot and why she could have spent years at Themyscira (part time?) to learn some of her physical and intellectual skills, although her later powers are not explained.


It was well-publicized that they pulled the last episode of the first season to get a cliffhanger ending and that the last episode would be the season premier for the second season. However, it feels like they realized how stupid that was mid-way through because they rush through the Trigon climax as if it were nothing and jump into what should have been the real premier episode, though both episodes were trimmed down and mis-mashed together to create a messy premier. It would have been so much better if they just let the last episode of season one actually BE the last episode rather combining the two and having the entire episode suffer for it.

Also, side note, it’s very obvious at which production for the next season started in this episode just based on how noticeably different and slightly older Raven’s actress looks midway through the episode.


I personally thought that was one heck of a season premiere. Trigon looked great! They did an excellent job of wrapping up season 1 and setting up the season ahead. Titans tower looks fantastic! I really like all of the Titans. I loved this introduction to Slade Wilson, he is going to be trouble.
I believe Game of Thrones is the greatest show ever written or produced, so I really like the addition of Iain Glen (top notch actor) as an older Bruce Wayne.


I will definitely watch this episode again. Looking forward to the next twelve! I noticed the trailer for the season 2 premiere was all practically from this one episode. It’s good to have this show back! The guy they picked to play Slade looks to be the best live action version yet.


It would be cool to see Cyborg make an appearance on here, and maybe join the team in the future.


Great episode, but I did feel disappointed that they delayed the season finale for an entire year. I feel like I still have another before season 2 ACTUALLY starts.


Another week**

Was that the “Talking Heads” song at the end of the show when they were in Titans tower? Great song! I need to check the credits.

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Season 2 started when Slade seen Jason Todd (Robin) announce the Titans where back to a news outlet.


I fell in love with the final 20 minutes of the episode. Loved Raven’s growth and everyone’s interactions. It lost that try-hard edgy from S1 and feels a much more focused series now. It shows a lot of promise!


I’m going to assume that the real Season 2 premiere started with Slade in the refuge and that everything prior (and somethings after?) were supposed to be last season’s ending.

Not thrilled about Batman’s actor (couldn’t you guys just use Conway the way CW is?) but the season looks promising.


I loved the scene where Gar is looking in one of the rooms in Titans Tower and he sees the I guess u can say, “suit up room” and u see everyone in their capsules!


Clearly that was the finale for season one. Hopefully they will one day just include it in season one.

They last 15 mins or so, might have been new, but I’m not even sure about that.

Still loved it though


They reshot most of it. How do I know that? Starfire and Raven had completely different costumes in some leaked photos from season 1.


Is it sad that I was more excited to see Wintergreen than Slade?
I thought it was a great episode. Though one thing killed me inside…


Raven had a hood and a belly shirt. Starfire also has a different costume and straight hair.

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