Titans Season 2 Deathstroke/Jericho Theory (Spoilers for Geoff Johns Teen Titans Run)

So, I’ve been thinking about what Titans seems to be doing with Deathstroke’s plot this season, and this whole being pissed at the Titans for “giving kids costumes” seems to be taken right from the first (I think?) arc in Geoff Johns 2003 Teen Titans run.

And, if you recall, Slade in that arc was actually possessed by Jericho. Could this be an Earth One situation where, after Jericho “died” he managed to possess Slade and is now just floating about in his body and he’s actually the main villain this season instead of just Slade?


That would be interesting!

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Ooh! That is one heck of a theory!

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I thought this, too. Hopefully we will get a better idea after watching Episode 5 tomorrow.

Ep5. Grayson vs Deathstroke was awesome.

Back to the original question, great theory. It does seem like they might be doing that.


Yep, it does. I can’t imagine many people have watched the episode yet, so I’ll wait until more have to go into details.


Way back when they announced Deathstroke would be in season 2, they said Deathstroke would be different and wouldn’t necessarily be Slade. At first, I took it to mean that Grant would be wearing the suit, but now I’m more inclined to thinking it’s because Slade’s possessed by Joey/Jericho.

Also remember how great an assassin he was in the beginning. Killing the judge and everybody.

Though he killed Garth rather than his intended victim Donna. Why her?

He doesn’t seem so good now. But he is not bad at at.

Jericho should be terrible at it unless his reactions are all at the subconcious level, where Slade would be.

Why would Jericho stab his sister in the eye? Unless that was due to his ineptitude ?

I agree. Especially since (spoilers) Jericho seemed to make eye contact with death stroke just as he was being stabbed. Plus, why introduce his power (at a high special effects cost) when just being powerless would have served the plot as well.

Add in the other plot line of Connor Kent, whose body was “grown” by Cadmus, and you have the groundwork for Jericho to get a new body “created” for him to vacate into at the end of the season and become a regular member for season 3.