Titans Season 2 At SDCC

I was so excited to see what would have been announced from Titans Season 2 at SDCC, I was expecting a trailer, seeing as the show is starting in 5-6 weeks time. I read online that they shown a video with footage, was this where the images of Deathstroke and the Titans together were taken from, or were they shown as images on the screen? Do you think the video will be released online soon? Or any official images released of Deathstroke? It’s hard to see properly with the image that has been listed online, I can’t see any orange on Slades mask either.

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Sorry. I haven’t heard anything.

I’m guessing since there was a death on the set of one of the special effects staff a couple days ago they didn’t feel it was appropriate to show anything at the moment. I’m sure something will be released to the public soon in the form of a trailer or pictures.

I guess you’re right. Hopefully we get something soon, as they will be aware that there are low quality photos that have gone up online.