Titans season 1

Now that season 1 is over what’re your opinions?

It was good to me


Lots of room for improvement. I’m hoping Doom Patrol can make up for it.

Waiting for May so I can watch Swamp Thing i’m also excited to watch star girl though at this point I don’t know why it’s not just just called JLA

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II meant to say Justice society of America

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Horrible writing and imagery after the doom patrol episode. The joker looked like a mannequin at the hospital. I’m at least enveloped with the characters only because their introductions were amazing. Dick Grayson as a lost brutal ex Robin finding himself was pointless and ruined who he IS on paper. But I get it their had to be a plot. Why is it “fire” for starfire. It just looks like fire man! She is an Alien! Jason Todd episode is where I really lost faith in the plot tho. The Batman scenes really hurt my soul. I still enjoy the DC universe specifically for the shorts and the comics which they should FOCUS on. Specifically not toying with us by only having one issue of a comic available. I’m extremely nervous after that finale. Dcu PLZ dont screw up cyborg he was decent in JL.
I’m gonna go spend money on the DC app powered by comixology I think…
Thank God for the CW and Chloe from the Wb’s Smallville
Someone should investigate that Raven actress next, something seems off…
Thank god for Young Justice am I right? :crossed_fingers::rofl:
Just kidding DC over marvel anyday!
Wait marvel is getting it’s own streaming service? Cough Disney Cough

Stargirl should just be called JSA with all the casting news

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Eespo…perhaps you should be investigated for being an idiot

Then again maybe not.

I loved it as something that is unique for the team, can’t wait to see stargirl and doom patrol though.

This is just a trailer for up comming DC crap. Classic DC cash grab.

Dr doom = troll of the week