Titans Season 1 Episode 2 Discussion

Great episode


This show hooked me with this episode. Intense action. Loved Dick’s contact list. That was a nice little Easter egg. That ending was unexpected. Really makes you anxious to see what happens next episode.


Great episode.
And now that I got it to work on the Firestick, it was awesome.
Very adult-oriented. Too bad about D, though!

I can’t wait to see Donna Troy!


It was great. I wanted to leave a comment about it but I got really frustrated after scrolling through 1000+ comments looking for the button. The commentary system needs fixing. Plus there are some titles that you’re not even able to comment on at all.

I liked it- the actors really nailed it, but I missed Starfire and Beast boy. They’ll be there next week though.

We were only with hawk and Dove for 40 minutes and they became my favorite characters. Dove better not die or I will be very upset. My theory is that Dove’s powers are gonna save her from death bc from what we saw in that episode they just seemed like costumed vigilantes. Also what made Dawn so likeable was the kindness, as well as the pureness of Minka Kelly’s performance as an actress. Kudos to her and the nuclear family for being creepy those actors were great as well

Also Hawk’s tough exterior was great , and him buying her the birdcage was adorable. Everything they did as a couple was adorable. But most importantly it felt real , and genuine. If Dove is alive I think fans should be asking for a spinoff on them they were great.

I feel Hawk and Dove’s live action debut was very well done. I also though the nuclear family was pretty creepy. Extra points for Dick not liking pineapple on pizza