Titans Season 03 Going to HBO Max Apparently (Rumor)

i wanna change this to rumor since the Article i read this from changed its title to Rumor as well. so according to a article i read Titans Season 03 will air on both DC Universe and Hbo Max like Doom Patrol and if it gets renewed for Season 04 itll jump completely to HBO Max.
Funny think is both Harley Quinn and Titans both had their Facebook Page name changed and the DC Universe name and Logo removed from their official facebook page.

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Yes DCUTitians is changing to DC Titans.

I wonder if the DC shows features like DCYOU will go over to HBOMax

Could you provide a link where you saw this? What was their source of this information?

I’ve seen Comicbook.com’s article from yesterday’s commenting on the Facebook thing but even they don’t have anything other than speculation, which is what this seems to be.

It would probably be better to mark this as a rumor until we see something stated officially.


There is no official information out regarding this.


And even then, doing a search here, I can’t seem to find many places reporting on this. Those that are don’t cite official sources.

Now, you never know, they could announce this at Fandome. But for the time being I’m not seeing anything to verify or confirm this.


yeah the article changed its title to rumor and a quick google search all has rumor on it everyone is speculating due to all of the DC Universe original shows removing the name and Logo from their facebook page.


Here’s hoping we’ll find out one way or another in a few weeks :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

im excitred for DCFandome i got off from work that whole weekend so i can bindge it.

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Fantastic! That’s an excellent way to spend a weekend! I’m so curious how it’s all gonna play out :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll go where the shows go, I guess. Sucks though cause I’m really liking DC Universe.

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im curious about the new suicide squad game from rocksteady so i hope they talk about it

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At some point I have to wonder if DC Universe is just a proving ground for shows to be moved to other platforms…

It’s not confirmation by any means, but taking the “Universe” part off the Facebook pages give me a little more pause than all the rumor mongering sites.

I think though at the VERY least, DCU will still be around for the comics.

I’ll wait until I see something official rather than allowing myself to give into rumor and speculation.

And even if Titans is shared by HBO Max, is that really the end of the world? Unless it’s removed from here, which is unlikely, then that means DC Universe still gets money from the deal and a bigger budget.

Again, let’s wait and see what will be announced if there is an announcement before freaking out, please.

This is purely speculative on my part, but I think Titans season 3 will be the last original show on here and DCU will be mostly about the comics, older shows, and this community.

This news is gonna upset alot of people warner media just layoff a ton of dc universe staff. Maybe this due to the pandemic. But once again more bad news for the service

Just going to remain hopeful for now and suspend all potential negative thoughts until they are confirmed