Titans S2 News But...

The article here highlights Dr Light making an appearance for the second season of Titans but…that last sentence in the article kind of bothered me


Excuse me?


For the full article: https://www.superherohype.com/news/462975-titans-michael-mosley-lands-role-of-doctor-light-for-season-2


It’s a good thing it’ll be streaming on HBO Max. More revenue towards the series. If some people are only subscribing for DCU Originals content, they are more likely to just subscribe for a month & binge, rather than be here for the long haul, for the comics, and for all the other streaming content, such as the newly remastered Aquaman.

Others won’t subscribe just for a few shows, but might steam it from HBO. More streams = more money. So I view that lady sentence as a positive rather than a negative.


Last sentence. (When is community 2.0 coming so we can edit our own posts…argghhhh!!!)


For me, the priority is that DCU has the new original content first and we do.

WBTV can do whatever they want with it afterward so long as DCU is taken care of and prioritized as it should be.


Too many cookies in the cookie jar. I just don’t see DC Universe app surviving in the near future.


The fact that HBO max will have available ALLLL the episodes of the season really bothers me…

When Titans appeared HERE first >_>


HBO Max will be launching in 2020. Titans is starting in September next month in DCU. The timeline checks out. It would make sense to have all episodes in HBO Max when the season 2 would have been finished here in DCU.


I think the optimal solution is that HBO Max gets Titans 2.0 after Titans 2.0 finishes here.

Remember People have to go through Titans 1.0 first before starting 2.0

Our Original Content will not be the biggest draw for HBO Max. If a season of Original Content is dumped all at once, that would satiety the bingers while allowing us an earlier once a week viewing.

A 10 to 13 week delay from the first episode before HBO MAX gets allows for bingers to get it all, thus satifying viewers with different viewing wants, who get the entire season as soon as is posibble.


HBO Max doesn’t launch until 2020.

By then, all S2 episodes of Titans will have already premiered here on DCU.


Shows appearing on HBO Max after or simultaneously means more expensive shows, like maybe a Krypton, are more likely to get green light. As for me I could care less when someone else sees something, I want to know when I can see it.




Whew… I got scared there for a second

As long as we get them on DCU which stays (more or less) like it is I got no complaints.


Also Titans is likely to get more funding if it’s on HBO Max too


I see this as an absolute win!

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Well hopefully it just means the season ends and hbo max launch with it.

I will not pay $17 for HBO Max. I doubt many will, even if they swallow all this content.

I predict it will be a big loss for AT&T. Really what is the plan, they still have HBONOW HBOGO, it’s just ridiculous.

I already have more content than I could ever watch with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.

There isn’t an app out there worth $17 for streaming.