TITANS, S2 Ep 9 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

In today’s episode, we saw the Titans disband, once again, over the death of Jericho. We also saw Starfire use her powers, Connor’s awakening (in more ways than one), and Dick makes another fool-heartedly decision. If you haven’t watched episode 9 yet, make sure you hang on because it’s a wild ride! Once you’ve watched it, come back here to discuss everything, and (almost) anything about the episode!


Great episode! I didn’t understand the ending though. Why did Grayson attack security? I really liked the perseverance of Connor when he said, “it’s not over yet.” And then he defeated the level played. Really good season.


Jericho took Dick over.


Interesting. Maybe, but where is he suppose to go now that his body is dead?


He stays within another human. He was in Deathstroke that’s why the mom said they but only Deathstroke was in the room.


Now that does make sense. I was surprised that she would let Slade back in the house after Jericho died.


Deathstroke acted a ittle funny when he turned to stand. Like he was trying to fight his way back from Jericho.


I guess he wants to be arrested, because his story wasn’t dark enough as it is.


Why doesn’t Dick remember Garth and take Slade down for that while Slade is weakened from his injuries? Putting him in prison or killing him would not only be the right thing to do - no statute of limitations on murder - but would also prevent him from dogging Dick any longer.


Poor Aqualad he deserved more from his friends.


yeah i noticed slade looking as if he was fighting something inside and its probably true Jericho is in Dick and got him arrested on purpose


I wasn’t a fan of this episode. I was liking this season but it’s starting to drag a bit now. For a show titled Titans we hardly ever see the Titans together. It was frustrating to see them all split up again. I also kind of forgot Conner existed until he was mentioned at the beginning of the episode. I really like Conner but it feels like they have too many characters for the more character focused show they seem to be going for. I didn’t hate this episode but it is starting to lose my interest a bit.


Mixed feelings about the episode but I will say some of the scenes were enjoyable to look at because they were colorful and didn’t have a weird filter over it like the show usually does. When Starfire was outside and when Gar + Conner were outside was pleasing to my eyes. When Gar transformed for Conner dude looked like Shrek. I hope they never try that type of effect again. I get what they were trying to do but even in the darkness something like that would look bad.


Gar’s lack of development is disappointing. Plus he lied, he said he could only turn into a tiger, but he’s already done a snake. Wouldn’t a part of his training be mastering other animal forms?

The thumbnail for episode 10 shows Gar using a side kick to fend off an opponent. Is he ever going to use his powers? Or will he, as Raven said, just growl at his opponents?

And speaking of Raven, that was sudden of her, to ditch Donna and run off. Just where is she going? Azarath?


Yeah hopefully we see Gar do something cool with his powers. I think he was a tiger for a few seconds a couple episodes ago but he was just lying on the floor. I really thought we would get something interesting with him since his face was in the thumbnail but not much in terms of development happened. :frowning: That scene with Raven felt out of place for me since we never went back to it. Just a lot of random stuff was happening this episode. Hopefully next episode is better.


Glad that Jericho maybe lingering around, bummed at gars reaction to connor but he couldn’t do much for the situation at that point. I hope this is the team’s lowest point. This season needs more of the team being a team. Ellis’ sister gave one chilling threat


Woahhh so… I have a lot to say I guess :flushed:
So first they all broke up :weary: but its alright ik they all coming back together but also where do you think Rachel went? :flushed: :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: but I liked this episode I think it was pretty good i kinda dont know what to say but I’ll try to make it make sence so I really want the show to show more of gars powers like I want him to turn into a cat,bird,fly or maybe a dog so he could have played with krypto or something ya know lmao and I would be very convenient for future titans mission he could he helpful for spying on the enemy and stuff you knoooowww. I would also change the way gar explained to connor the world a little more better like he should have mentioned cops also help too instead of only including the titans…I wonder what happend to connor if he flew away or stayed there idk but cant wait to see for next episode.
Next thing is hank and down woahh​:flushed::flushed::weary: damn I dont like how they broke up but it’s ok it’ll all be alright hopefully I wonder what they’re both going to do and how they’re going to get back together again.

Dick grayson :flushed:
I’m kinda confused like woah I knew he wasnt actually gonna leave but when he started hitting the cops then he put his hands up I’m like huh uhhh but I think while hes in prison or something I guess hes gonna have like self evaluation and then become nightwing​:see_no_evil: eeeeee
I’m really excited for that part I really look for that happening.
Sooo yea those are my thought I know its not much and it’s just random things that I noticed but I like this episode and this show although there are some problems I still wanna see this show continue.
What were your thoughts on todays episode?


Feeling a bit down with this episode after the high I’ve felt the last few episodes. I get the Titans splitting up, Superboy not understanding how to be a hero, and Starfire dealing with Blackfire, but it felt like this episode was all over the place. The best part was, hands down, the confrontation with Slade. The pacing and reasoning was off for everything else, Gar not even trying to talk down Connor, Hank and Dawn going back to the small town with slightly different names, Blackfire not attacking Starfire despite being shown to be able to send out that alien parasite and destroying the spaceship, and Dick’s weird actions at the end. It just felt weird and takes me out of the story.


Also was it ever mentioned how Hank & Dawn are able to afford buying these cabins since from what we saw in Season 1 when they first met in the past up to the present timeline they were living in a sh*tty rundown looking apartment.


In my opinion this episode was a great “dark night of the soul” in terms of the beat sheet of this season. Everything was pushed, all expectations dashed, I was asking myself, “is this really happening?” the story was surreal, and the characters motivations where both subtle and overt. We see characters reflect on thier mistakes, Hank question’s his motivations to put on the mask, Dick seeks forgiveness from anyone, Gar struggles with his loneiness and abandonment issues. Everything was very intense in terms of the dramatic motion of the story.

And concerning Dick’s motivation to attack the security guard, he wants to be punished, he feels he keeps doing bad things and is constantly getting away with it. He thought he could just run away, but he needs to face Attonment, hence the name of the episode.

And it was very quiet nodded to the fact that Gar doesn’t fully understand his power, or he doesn’t have good enough control over them. He doesn’t realize he can be more than a tiger, else he’d say, I can turn into animals, like he could turn into kypto but green and Conner would have gotten it.

Speaking of Conner, how will he come back from this, he never wears a mask and he was basically dressed like his super suit, black top and blue pants, there is no coming back from this in my mind, will Conner become a villan or find forgiveness for the cops he killed.