TITANS, S2 Ep 11 Reaction Thread - 🚨 WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD 🚨

Another week, another “Titans” episode to blow our minds! This week’s episode saw the ladies of Titans take more of a center stage and we finally got some information on what Rose and Jason Todd have been up to. Bruce Wayne was once again “helping” Dick figure out some MASSIVE revelations, but was also on hand to give some advice to the ladies in a random diner in the Nevada desert (before just leaving them there).

If you haven’t watched episode 11 yet, make sure you do then come back here and let us know what you thought!


In my opinion not only was this the worst episode of the series, it was the worst episode of ANY series I’ve ever watched. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Why wouldn’t Bruce just pick up the phone and contact the female Titans? How did he cause Rachel to have those nightmares/hallucinations? Why didn’t he contact Hank and Jason? How did he know they’d all show up at the diner when they did? They were literally all over the place. The Bruce Wayne hallucination talking to Dick is getting old, especially Dick fighting someone who isn’t even there. Kory and Rachel just waltzing into a high security prison to break Dick out was not believable. Yes, they are powerful but they were just taking their sweet time. And of course more guards get beat up. And then Dick isn’t even there? Why did he leave the “Jericho Is Alive” message? Did he know they were coming? So Dick decided to get locked up as “penance” and now he wants out. Why did Bruce go to such elaborate extents to get SOMEBODY to break Dick out instead of just getting some lawyers and at least visiting Dick. Why did Mercy let Gar kill the woman who was just doing her job? Once she saw Gar transform, she had what she wanted. She could have let the woman out, instead of letting her die a horrific death. How does Dick propose to “rescue” Jericho from Slade? So disappointing.


WOW! This was a SOLID episode chock full of amazing moments! I’m still letting it marinate in my mind but 1st love Kory’s emotions messing with her abilities, Mama Kory/Rachel moments, Jason/Rose(was right about her!!), Dawn & Donna -still on that BS-but at least will help Gar/Conner/Krypto. THEN BRUCE!! I LOVE IAN AS BRUCE IN EVERY SCENE OF THIS EPI! Anyone else got Morpheus/Neo vibes…?:sunglasses::sunglasses: Looking forward to the next 2 episodes, more DickKory & Season 3! Congrats & kudos cast and crew this has been my fave show since the debut!


Okay, so I get that Bruce used technology to gather the Titans at the Diner but what did that have to do with Rachel’s dream?? She saw a vision of the Diner when she grabbed Dick’s arm and there’s no connection or explanation for why she saw that specifically. Bruce wasn’t part of that sequence so she didn’t sync with his mind. Rachel’s never seen or mention the Diner previously so it wasn’t her memory so there’s no reason for that vision. That whole plot thread just confused me this episode. Did I miss a part where Bruce mentioned he could implant things into people’s mind or what? I’m not seeing the connection.


All I know about this episode is that I kneed a jelly donut and the fight between Bruce and Dick was awesome


@keifer24.4535 Same. This ranks close to last out of all the episodes in the series for me. While I’m now leaning a ‘little bit’ more into seeing Iain Glen as Batman after the fight scene the whole trope of using Bruce’s character so heavily as Mr.Exposition to guide everyone is weak story-telling imo. I liked earlier in the season when Dick called Bruce for advise but when it came to ‘Jericho’ having Dick’s Bruce conscious walk him through step by step that ‘Jericho’ is alive felt unfulfilling. Bruce trying to knock some sense into the other Titans makes them feel more incompetent like Daddy has to gather everyone into a room and tell them what they should do.


That WANKER is more an Alfred not BRUCE WAYNE!
Who did the casting!?


Soooo. Ill give it the next to episodes then I’m out of this is what titans will be. The first season at least had direction.


Is it bad that I had Weeping Angel vibes from the statue when Rachel was at the cemetery?


I think this show needs to get over the damn Dick hallucination obsession.

It wasn’t great in “Asylum”
It sucked in the Season 1 finale
And its not great in season 2.

Also the Titans remain terrible people who literally belong in prison. Like Dick threw himself in prison. Everyone else is a murderer.

I dunno this show isn’t all bad but its close. At least Teen Titans Go is aware its a parody kiddy South Park and embraces it.


This show is severely lacking any sort of direction. Nothing so far has happened organically and things are just happening because of…plot :man_shrugging:. It’s like the show is too focused on being “dark and edgy” at the expense of everything else.


I agree. It’s trying so hard to be serious to the point that it’s almost comical.


The Bruce Wayne hallucinations were Jericho. He left the message “Jericho is alive” because Jericho is alive, and caused the Bruce Wayne hallucinations.


@SeanPatrick8501 ‘If’ the Bruce ‘hallucinations’ are caused by Jericho why does he always have Bruce act like a dick to Dick if he wants Dick to help Jericho? The Bruce ‘hallucination’ was taunting Dick about the whole Jason thing which isn’t the healthiest way to have Dick help Jericho either. I personally feel like it’s just Dick’s conscious in the form of Bruce like his younger self was a representation of his conscious in Season 1. Both exposing him for his faults or failures.


I am so done with this Bruce Wayne. Why didn’t he lift a finger to help Dick out if he knew what was happening to all of the Titans?

And the end times must be upon us because DC quoted “West Side Story.” Was Rose channeling Tina Cohen-Chang from “Glee?”


All’s I know is this EP was od af


Bruce Wayne is so wrong in this show, it pisses off


E.L._.O. - was rad! First, does this version of Bruce have supernatural abilities? Naw, he has a couple of satellites in his pockets, that’s how he gathered the ladies. Plus Rachel’s subconscious/powers might of helped them as well :thinking:. I get it now, why Bruce didn’t intervene in earlier episodes n why he just left the lady Titans. He’s letting them grow up as a team/family! They got into some :poop: and he’s allowing them to get out of it and face the challenges on their own. It’s what Bruce does. Dem fight scenes with him n Dick (I know it was all in his head)! Poor Gar!! Why him? Kid needs a break ya’ll. He just wants to be a Titan and Mercy is soo eeevil! The Rose n Jason scenes were great! I def ship’em. Some of y’all called it about Rose n Slade BUT she’s done playing! Hope she makes it out of this season. And Jericho Is Alive!! Y’all are good on your theories, I was off. DCU how dare ya tease me with that promo still of Ravager!


Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne is simply amazing. He does a phenomenal job embodying Bruce on screen. I hope we continue to see him throughout the series. That battle with him and Dick was beautiful.


Because she’s an evil, horrible person, even if she’s a mom outside of work