Titans S1 E9 Watch-A-Long: Friday, December 7th @5pm PST/8pm EST

There are a few special announcements down below, please take a moment to absorb them into your mindscape.


Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

Come join your fellow community members this Friday, December 7th at 5pm PST/8pm EST for a live Watch-A-Long of the ninth episode of Titans!


If this is your first time, please read the below to prepare yourself for how this will work.

Requirements and Recommendations for Participation:

1) CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T PLAY – You must have a subscription to DC Universe to access the Titans show.

2) 3, 2, 1 LET'S JAM – Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action- we'll be starting at the strike of the hour.

2a) A WRINKLE IN TIME – It is to be expected that some of us will be a bit behind or a bit ahead in the episode, depending on how quick on the draw each of us are. Forgive some discrepancy of reaction time.

2b) WARNING: SPOILER RISK – This time discrepancy will put you at risk for spoilers. You have been warned!
3) SECOND VERSE, SAME AS THE FIRST – Titans S1 E9 will have premiered before this time, so for some this can be a chance to watch a second time.

3a) DON'T BE A SPOILER RISK INCARNATE – If you ARE watching the episode for the second time, do NOT actively spoil events for others watching!

4) CRISP, REFRESHING CHROME EXTENSIONS - If you're having trouble keeping up with the comments (understandably), there are Chrome extensions out there that automatically refresh the page as often as you program it to. Worth a shot!

**Special Announcements**

*Please note, this episode has intense themes that could be personally challenging for some viewers.

*In the interest of respecting your schedules, the time remains the same; but Applejack (otherwise known as "I") will be running a bit late (~5:15pm). Try not to have too much fun without me!

We're so excited to hang out in the proverbial living room with you all and hear your thoughts!

This particular episode has intense themes than the others? Incoming flood of “too dark”/“too violent”/“F bombs” type of threads huh?

Those first 15 minutes, I’m going to miss you Applejack like I did during some of last night’s watchalong


TX85, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
I know, I’ll miss you guys too!

Hmm, now I’m really curious how intense and what it really can be with Hawk and Dove’s origins besides Don dying.

Then again, I have a feeling Hank is a shotgun than just a loaded pistol pissed off at Dick.

Applejack, you tell the office than when it comes to watchalongs, you are off duty and in fan mode and that’s that!


I’m all caught up, looking forward to watching tomorrow watch along! Sorry you won’t be here at the start of the show Applejack! :desktop_computer::grinning:

But @Applejack… if Dick is shirtless during the first 15 minutes, who will I discuss it with!!! :laughing:.


I’m in for this one too! Who’s bringing the food?


Vroom coming for 2nds? Cool



Thanx =)


I’ve been meaning to say this but props for having a Cowboy Bebop reference in the rules. thumbs up


Everything is always when I’m working…

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Apologies I’m not going to be able to make it tonight. You folks have a good time though, don’t forget about the Discord Channel afterwards. I’m sure several luminaries may well show up to help everybody work through this episode!

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Is this show just going to continue to portray unlikable psychopaths that kill and maim? Its as if the producers are going out of their way to make every supposed hero the most unlikable version of that character. 9 episodes in, does any of these ”heroes” actually save or protect anyone?


Tonight is the night, friday night delight !


“The mood is right, it’s TGIF!”


Friday’s make me happy :slight_smile:


Friday’s are…Jeans Day at work! Whoop. y.


This week’s episode may be more controversial than the rest. I’m shocked that there aren’t a dozen of new threads and posts about it.

May become a civil war among community against and for Titans.


As long as it’s not an infinity war we’ll be good.

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I wish multiple threads would vanish with my snap! There should be one stickied official Titans thread in General, Watchtower and Multi Media

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