Titans S1 E10 Easter Eggs!

The penultimate episode of Titans has aired, but that doesn’t mean all the easter eggs have run out! We want to share with you all the tantalizing little gemstones sprinkled throughout this episode, and hear what we may have missed! Follow this link below or find it in the News section of the site:


Was there anything our expert witness’ keen eye might have missed? Did you catch these, too? Let us know in the comments below!


Good stuff


Thanks! I missed X’Hal in my first viewing but caught it during my second viewing thanks to closed captions.
Tommy Carson was one I chased down for a bit before determing he was an original character. I’ve been waiting to write up Trigon for a few weeks so it was cool to finally see him.

When Kory left burns on Rachel neck that kind of resemble the red marks Raven had in the teen titans animated series before Trigon Arrival.

Donna’s Lasso glow when being use like Wonder Woman’s Lasso in the movie. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any screen caps of the real Trigon form on Kory’s starship display? I missed that one.