Titans Robin Cosplay

I really like the look of Robin for the new Titans series and am considering trying to make a cosplay for it. I’ll post updates here as I progress for any who are interested.

Is anyone else considering cosplaying this version of Robin?


I considered it but i am new to the cosplay world. I am going to do the Teen Titans Robin from the animated series. Id love to see where you go with it though for a future project of mine.

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I was doing some research on therpf.com and was directed to @cyanmandesigns on Instagram. They made a pattern for a Robin zentai suit (https://www.instagram.com/p/BmUHf1ejlak/?taken-by=cyanmandesigns) that will work great for a base. The idea would be to add foam armor on top of this suit.

What’s everyone think?

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I agree although the color would be a bit lighter than the Robin on the show…